12 useful tips to save money without losing the elegance

1. For example, instead of having a formal reception with a lunch or dinner where people are sitting, choose a cocktail party where the guests can enjoy some special  Hors d’Oeuvres, in a distinct place where you can gather a jazz trio that will help creating a wonderful and unforgettable party.

2. Avoid big musical groups, these tend to be expensive and usually play the songs that your guests have already heard a hundred times in other weddings. Choose something more intimate, like a trio that fits your personal tastes, or you can ask some friend to offer you, as a wedding gift, the performance of a DJ with your favourite songs.

 3. Instead of serving only champagne, offer some elegant cocktails, mixing champagne with, peach, orange or blueberry juice, creating an original colour party.

4. Accept the help of relatives and friends, you will make them feel special by sharing these moments with them. That doesn’t mean that you have to take their suggestions! For example, if a friend offers you his house for you to celebrate your wedding, accept it with one condition: that you will use it with the same care and regard that you would have with your own. Never forget to thank him kindly, inviting him for a special dinner at your place right after the honeymoon, so that he can be the one to wear your new belongings for the first time. He will certainly feel like a special friend.

5. If, for example, your cousin is a lovely choir solo, accept her contribution to sing at the ceremony.

6. If any relative is an excellent gourmet or a confectioner, accept (in case he or she offers to) his or her contribution to cook the starters or the desserts that your already know to be a success.

7. If any of you has a nice handwriting, why not make your own wedding invitations? It is of no use to add unnecessary decorations to the invitations, the most important is a nice handwriting. Don’t forget that simplicity lies on good taste! Of course it is convenient to check for mistakes and spelling, so that you won’t offend anyone and be mocked for that later on. For the invitations, choose a good quality paper, but buy it by the Kg at a paper store, where the prices are truly inferior to the ones of a common stationery. If you don’t wish to handwrite the invitations, there are several nice fonts available on a common text editor in your computer (the most popular fonts for wedding are Antique Roman and London Script), that will have a great effect when printed on a good quality paper. Of course, you must test the printing before starting to print the invitations right away. You might do without the common envelopes: print the invitation, fold it in two or more parts, make a small hole with a paper perforator in one of the edges, pass a ribbon through it and make a slipknot… original, right?

Don’t forget that when you make the invitation saying “We invite Mr. X, Mrs. Y and family” this means that you are inviting the whole family that lives in that house.

8. Forget those wedding gifts bought in dozens… do you really believe that someone will keep that memory of their wedding? Choose simple and useful gifts, like for example, a flower so that each gentlemen can offer it to a lady (of course, in this cases the ladies are the winners), and don’t forget that for the single gentlemen this might by a good opportunity to brake the ice with some lady they saw across the other table…

There are lots of others gifts like a beautiful bag of dry fruits wrapped in organza and tied with a nice ribbon; make satin bags and fill them with an aromatic tea (dry leaves) so that it can leave a scented wardrobe, or even be drunk… who won’t remember you afterwards?

9. Substitute the traditional floral table arrangements by bunches of cereals, like wheat bunches, branches painted in silver spray, aromatic herbs like rosemary or centres made with season fruit. For example, a glass cup filled with lemons, cherries or very nice apples… won’t it make an impression?

10. Buy your honeymoon travel tickets quite beforehand. Check to see if there are any less usual places for a honeymoon, and of course more affordable, where you can spend unforgettable moments without getting bankrupt.

11. You have certainly noticed, when in other weddings, that very few people enjoy the expensive wedding cake, haven’t you? And why is that? Usually there is a great exaggeration of desserts that might, perfectly, be excluded – believe that no one will even notice – and so people can enjoy a nice piece of wedding cake. Still regarding the wedding cake, order two, one for you to cut at the reception (as luxurious as possible), and another one, with no decorations (cheaper), to have in the kitchen and serve to the guests. You can always offer some fresh fruit to go along with the cake.

12. In what concerns the photographer, if you know anyone that you think capable of taking quality photos and that might handle that task, offering his or her services as a wedding gift, you can accept it. Nowadays there are digital cameras that give high quality photos, with the advantages of seeing the result immediately, repeating the photo until it looks like you desire, or even printing the photos afterwards and editing them yourselves. But don’t forget, if you choose to have someone who is not a professional taking care of this task, you must be very careful, because you won’t get a second chance to take new photos if these don’t come out well! A useful tip to minimize the probability of bad quality photos: choose the black and white or sepia mode on the digital camera (if it has these functions) because the photos will look more artistic, even if they are not properly taken. Another interesting tip: you could distribute several digital cameras (preferably by several guests) and gather all the cameras afterwards. Don’t forget that even a good photographer is not able to be everywhere at the same time.

Note: For all the relatives and friends that have helped you with the wedding, don’t forget to thank them and mention how special that help was to you, and how much you appreciated it, mentioning all this at the speech during the party, always thanking them with a gift, a dinner or anything else that you think will make them happy. Of course these people will not give you any other kind of gift. It would not even be polite to accept some additional gift from the people who have helped you celebrating and organizing your wedding day and making it special.