137 messages to inscribe on your wedding rings

Wedding Rings

Your wedding rings are a symbol that will last long after the wedding day, as they represent the love that is felt for another person, to the point where you want the entire world to know. What kind of love is yours? Fun, romantic, bold, different…? Whatever it is, it can be defined by the message that you inscribe on your wedding rings.

What should you inscribe on your wedding rings? Usually the choice falls upon the date, the initials or names of the bride and groom… but the truth is that there are so many original messages that can be inscribed on wedding rings. Get inspired by these ideas:

  1. I chose you
  2. It was worth the wait
  3. Good morning love!
  4. Better than chocolate
  5. WOW! I got married!
  6. I kissed you first
  7. May our ups and downs always be in bed
  8. I found love
  9. I’ll grow old with you
  10. Give me a million kisses (her)
  11. And I’ll give you a world of love (him)
  12. Yours forever
  13. I smile for you
  14. Forever yours
  15. I’ve waited my whole life for you
  16. My secret: I love you
  17. Your baby loves you
  18. I overflow with love for you
  19. Come in and give me a kiss
  20. The perfect pair
  21. The perfect couple
  22. Don’t wait, do it
  23. A daily sunrise
  24. A commitment is a commitment
  25. For all our lives
  26. Love of my life
  27. Nothing else matters
  28. I’ll run away with you
  29. My gracious love
  30. We’ll grow old together
  31. Always be unique
  32. The places we’ll go!
  33. I’ll always be by your side
  34. I’ll stand by you
  35. Love machine
  36. You’ll always be mine
  37. I’ll go to the moon and back for you
  38. My glorious wife
  39. My fabulous husband
  40. I caught you!
  41. The answer to my prayers
  42. I’ll love you forever
  43. You’re my reason
  44. Today and forever
  45. You’re still so special
  46. Sweetie, you’re mine!
  47. With all my love
  48. United as one
  49. From this moment on (…/…/…/)
  50. You own my heart
  51. You are the owner of my heart
  52. You hold the key to my heart
  53. My soul mate!
  54. Someone to love
  55. The best thing in the world is you
  56. Amateurs wait, you did it!
  57. Today, tomorrow, forever
  58. I love you so much
  59. I love you
  60. Finally happy
  61. I found love (her)
  62. Love is you (him)
  63. To love, protect and cherish
  64. You are my meaning
  65. From this day…
  66. Thank you for waiting
  67. My love, my life, my friend
  68. My solemn vow
  69. Forever in love
  70. You are beautiful
  71. Let’s kiss
  72. Mine, all mine
  73. I married my best friend
  74. Love until eternity
  75. You’re my star (her)
  76. You’re my comet (him)
  77. I made a wish
  78. For a thousand reasons
  79. You’re my world
  80. My teddy bear
  81. My doll
  82. Every day and twice on Sundays
  83. Kiss of love
  84. 999,999 years of love
  85. My heart’s treasure
  86. I found you, now you’re mine
  87. Today is only the first day
  88. As long as there are stars in the sky…
  89. Happiness is a choice
  90. XOXO
  91. A deal is a deal!
  92. A fire that burns without being seen
  93. I always knew…
  94. You are my blessing
  95. Happy forever
  96. They lived happily ever after
  97. Forever feels like this
  98. The first day of our journey
  99. Forever
  100. ex amore vita
  101. I will always dance with you
  102. My true love
  103. Forever young (her/him)
  104. Forever together (her/him)
  105. I will dream… (her/him)
  106. … of you (her/him)
  107. Good or bad, happiness or sadness
  108. Two souls, one heart
  109. We’ll never say goodbye
  110. Yes, I still love you
  111. Legally yours
  112. To love, respect and nag
  113. Us against the world
  114. I love you even more
  115. When you look, remember
  116. I finally found you
  117. Me too
  118. We got married! Can you believe it?
  119. The sky is lovely today (her)
  120. But I’d rather be with you (him)
  121. Love is the greatest adventure
  122. I found you, I kept you
  123. I made a secret wish
  124. I love you more than sugar
  125. Do you remember when…?
  126. A million words…
  127. Two wishes came true
  128. Everything I’ve always wished for
  129. We are love
  130. I love you more than M&Ms
  131. Jessica loves Peter
  132. Yes, Yes, Yes
  133. Dreams and kisses
  134. A bond for life
  135. My inspiration
  136. The path of love
  137. A love story