14 tips to lose weight

  1. Make a calendar to lose weight

In order to lose weight in a coherent way, schedule a consistent calendar. You will have to establish the goal for a date previous to buying the wedding dress, and for the wedding day! Losing a lot of weight after buying the wedding dress means having to readjust the dress, and this makes things a lot more expensive. Imagine if you can not lose weight, you will end up by having to buy another dress! A great way to set weight loss goals and track the evolution of your diet is by using a fitness app, such as Weight QuickLog.me.

  1. Have a month of strength

 With some effort, in a month you can get some pretty good results. Make gymnastics for 5 days a week, with 30 minutes of cardio (runner, bicycle, step). If you work your abdominals and your back for one day, two days working the upper part of your body and another two days working the lower part of your body, you will get surprising results. Ask some advice to the gymnasium’s instructor; he will certainly know how to help you reach that goal.

  1. Know yourself  

The best time of the day to work out is when you feel more energy, varying according to your personality. If you are a morning person, go to the gym before going to work. If you are not a morning person, you should work out in the end of the afternoon, because your energy will be in its peak by that time. 

  1. Listen to your body

Do not eat because your watch tells you to, but eat because your body is asking for food. Pay attention to your body. Instead of having few and big meals during the day, eat lighter meals but more times a day. Eating light meals more frequently tends to improve the functioning of the metabolism.

  1. Keep the hydration

Take a bottle of 1,5 L of water to your work place, place it besides you so that you won’t forget that YOU HAVE TO DRINK IT, therefore creating a habit. When you go to the gymnasium, take some water with you, so that you won’t dehydrate. You prefer energetic drinks, dilute them placing two parts of water per each drink.

  1. Make friends with snacks  

Always carry small snacks with you. With the working agitated schedule, people don’t have time to have light meals between the main ones, making them eat less times but in bigger quantities. This is the right way to gain weight. Always carry with you an apple, a banana, a cereals bar, and you will feel less tempted to eat a flaky pastry before going home.

  1. Read

Read the labels on the cereals and sodas and remember that a sugar spoon is equal to 4 grams, and it contains 16 calories and 0 nutrition. For example, a can of some soda contains about 160 calories and ten sugar spoons. Now, think… If you stop drinking sodas and juice and replace them by water, don’t you thing this will help your diet a lot?

  1. Don’t skip meals

Have at least 3 meals a day. Base all your meals in elements like: chicken, turkey, fish, non fat cheese. These elements are rich in protein and avoid the hunger attacks between meals. If you feel hungry, that is because you do not eat enough protein.

  1. Not much and slowly

Eating must not be seen as a contest to see who finishes first! Try to eat slowly, chewing the food properly and, above all, tasting it. Serve the meal in a small plate and in a small portion. You will notice that you will eat less and be more satisfied.

  1. Eat before going out for parties  

A small snack before going out for a party will give you some energy and you will not eat huge quantities of Hors D'Oeuvres, loaded with calories.

  1. Lots of vegetables

Always serve the main elements of your meals with raw or boiled vegetables, not using excessive sauces. You can eat as much vegetables a day as you wish.

  1. Always choose integral products 

The fibres on the integral products take longer to digest than the simple carbon hydrates. Use the same principle when making snacks, eat integral bread, dried fruits, apples or cereals like granola. You must avoid very processed food, with much fat and with a low nutritional value, like fast food, because this gives you a lot less energy.

  1.  Avoid salt

Salt makes the organism retain more liquids and gain more volume, making your body swell. Avoid spicy food and snacks with a high level of salt.

  1.  Avoid caffeine

Limit the caffeine ingested to a coffee a day. Too much caffeine will destroy the energy the body naturally possesses, creating the need to eat to regain energy. Replace coffee for green tea… besides the energy it provides, it also helps you to lose weight!