15 inspiring wedding trends for 2013

The shiny new wedding trends for 2013 have started to pop up here and there and whether they serve as simple inspiration or as a style guide for your own wedding, these are the 15 wedding trends that you should keep an eye on if you’re getting married next year…

1. Original wedding ceremony

Original wedding ceremony

About 60% of weddings are celebrated with a civil ceremony and a growing trend is the celebration of weddings in original settings: under a centenary tree, at home, in the garden, in a spectacular ambience, especially created for the occasion. When looking for a venue, think outside the box…

2. Color, color, color!  

Color, color, color!

Color is here to stay and colorful weddings – we’re talking rainbows! – are a big trend for 2013, especially for those who want a cheerful atmosphere at their wedding, from start to finish. That means we’re definitely expecting a coloring match between all the shades of the rainbow… will there be a winner?

3. Rustic-chic wedding

Rustic-chic wedding

Rustic chic is here to stay and, in 2013, it will be the talk of all weddings. This style means reusing traditional elements, incorporating history into the wedding’s décor and transforming the wedding reception atmosphere into something intimate and cozy.

4. Lacy and sexy back wedding dresses

Lacy and sexy back wedding dresses

Kate and William’s royal wedding sparked a new trend: wedding dresses with lace details. However, the new trend for 2013 is sexy backs, to balance out the original style. 

5. Geek groom

Geek groom

Geek style is all the rage and, in 2013, the groom will also be influenced by it. This is the type of style that gives the groom the liberty to personalize his wedding suit with cute details such as colorful sneakers, multicolored socks, a modern hair style, a unique boutonnière, cuff links, tie, bow tie…

6. Ombre wedding cakes

Ombre wedding cakes

Colorful wedding cakes are a growing trend and not only because of their exterior, but also because of their wow-factor interior. The flavor is up to the bride and groom, as is the color and, in this case, the more colorful, the better! Cutting the first slice of a wedding cake is not only a special moment, but it can also be a surprisingly colorful moment as well…

7. Balloons


Nothing says party like colorful balloons! Balloons are fun, not only as décor at the wedding reception, but also as props for cool wedding photos. In 2013, be sure to incorporate balloons into your wedding: big, small, colorful, always entertaining… just balloon it!

8. Bride hairstyles: original accessories

Bride hairstyles: original accessories

In general, the hairstyles chosen by brides tend to incorporate accessories that although are not necessarily vintage, are vintage inspired or handmade, and truly original. Lace headbands, 1920s style jewelry, colorful origami flowers, feathers, all are absolutely perfect for adorning any bride’s hairstyle.

9. DIY


Be it because times are tough or simply because it adds such a personal touch to the wedding, DIY continues to be a popular wedding trend in 2013. Incorporate it into anything: favors, invitations, décor… your imagination is the limit! 

10. Professional Photography + Instagram

Professional Photography + Instagram

Wedding photography has become, without a doubt, more and more professional, more and more creative. However, social networks such as Instagram are now a very important part of the photographs taken and shared during the wedding – the different photos taken by different guests are usually grouped under the same tag or shared with appropriate software.

11. Entertainment for guests that don’t want to dance

Entertainment for guests that don’t want to dance

Not all wedding guests like to dance and on the list of wedding trends for 2013 those guests are in for a wonderful surprise! Weddings are going to include specific entertainment for guests that don’t want to dance, such as: bag races, different types of contests, piñatas, photo booths with fun props, hula hoops, been bag throwing… let the fun begin!

12. Creative messages for the bride and groom

Creative messages for the bride and groom

The wedding guest book has evolved to such creative concepts such as digital fingerprints or cool objects that are signed by all attending guests: stools, boards, plates, Polaroid pictures… the sky is the limit!

13. Letters


Letters, such as initials, are totally on trend for weddings… whether you want to spell a special word out (like LOVE, XOXO or words associated to the wedding’s theme) or wish to display the bride and groom’s names or initials, there are so many creative ways to include letters in your wedding… so use them!

14. Creative engagement shoots

Creative engagement shoots

Engagement shoots are the perfect opportunity to prepare yourselves for the official wedding photographs. These shoots are becoming extremely popular, but they will be even more special in 2013, where scenery and props will be carefully chosen by the bride and groom: a picnic, a vintage stroll, think of something you would love to recreate as a couple and make it come true!

15. Intimate weddings

Intimate weddings

Weddings have become extremely intimate: only close family and friends are invited to witness a day that has become more and more private. This is a wonderful trend because it is an opportunity to create an experience that is even more special for those attending the wedding.


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