5 special ways to wake up on your wedding day

The morning of your wedding day is a moment of great anticipation. Some brides and grooms prefer not to see each other before the big day and others choose to sleep in their “single” beds. Whether you’re a morning person or not, you should definitely start your wedding day in a special way, so that the entire event has a positive feel to it right from the moment that you open your eyes. Here are 5 suggestions to get you started.

1. Have breakfast in bed

If you still live with your parents, ask one of your family members to wake you up with a delicious breakfast in bed. On this day you deserve a luxurious awakening with a complete breakfast – it’s going to be a long day and you’ll need all the energy you can get. Order a special breakfast in bed with green tea, eggs, cereal and fruit, so that you may begin your day with vitamins, proteins, fibers and antioxidants.

2. Film the moment

Whoever wakes up first on your wedding day is in charge of making breakfast and filming the entire process: from preparing the breakfast tray, taking it to the bedroom, waking up the other and enjoying it together on your last morning as bride and groom.

3. Make a romantic phone call

Surprise each other with a romantic phone call bright and early. There’s nothing better than waking up to loving and caring words – it’s the perfect way to start your wedding day! One of you is going to have to wake up earlier than the other to make that phone call but what are a few less minutes of sleep when you can offer your significant other a very special and unforgettable moment?

4. Wake each other up with a gift

Waking up to a bouquet of flowers or a pretty gift is always a wonderful way to start off the day, especially a wedding day. Send each other a special gift with a romantic card so that it will be at their bedside on the morning of your wedding day or have someone give it to the other when he/she wakes up. It would go perfectly with breakfast in bed…

5. Wake up to a special song

Plan to wake up at the same time, to the same music: it could be your favorite song as a couple or the song that you chose for your first dance at the wedding reception. A special way to start your wedding day: to the sound of something inspiring instead of your annoying alarm clock! Could there be a better way to wake up on your wedding day?