7 tips so that the reception will not be a chaos

If this is your day, it is also an important day for your guests because they are also very dear to you. So, you wish to give them the best comfort and a whole day of shared happiness. This day must be planned, so that there are no unpleasant surprises or stressing moments.
1. At the place of the ceremony, per each guest, place a small guide so that they can follow the ceremony, providing the guest a feeling of belonging to the ritual.
2. Make a plan for the localization of each guest, at the place of the ceremony and also where the reception takes place. Even if each seat doesn’t have a formal card with the name of the guests, make a list of tables, of who is going to sit on them, leaving them at the disposal of the guests so that these moments don’t turn into a chaos. It’s better to spend some time planning everything than spending the day worried about small problems that could have been avoided with some previous organization.
3. Have some areas for smokers and others for non smokers, if that is possible, since no one has to bear the smoke of other people.
4. Don’t serve only champagne with the appetizers, or even with the cake. There will, certainly, be some people that don’t drink alcohol, like children.
5. Place the menu on every table so that the guests know what to choose from the different dishes.
6. It is worth mentioning again that your guests are important and, therefore, you should make them feel so. During the reception and during the different dishes salute each one of them, socializing, being kind and polite, thanking their presence on such a special day for you.
7. Be prepared for possible problems and always have a series of things that can be missing oh that day, whether to you or your guests. Place those items on the bathrooms or deliver them to someone who is responsible for them. In case someone appears asking for something, send her to that person… you will not spend your party running around and delivering bandages to your guests, will you?!
List of items to have at people’s disposal:

  • Aspirins;
  • Anti-acids;
  • Safety pins;
  • Bandages;
  • Sanitary towels;
  • Tampons;
  • Menthol chewing gums;
  • Colorless nail polish, to fix ripped tights;
  • Skin colored tights for ladies;
  • Black socks for gentlemen;
  • A sewing kit;
  • Dental floss;
  • A hair brush;
  • Hydrating lipstick.