8 tips to save money on reception drinks

1. Instead of a sit-down reception with open bar, have a brunch, i.e. a very substantial breakfast, that can be served until noon with non-alcoholic drinks or mimosas (champagne and fruit juice). It's super stylish!

2. If you really want an open bar for the guests and a bigger party, instead of a dinner serve a lunch. People drink less during the day.

3. Have an open bar only after the meal and serve wine and juice with the meal.

4. Don't serve drinks with too much alcohol, such as vodka, liqueur and whisky. Opt for wine, beer, juice and champagne for the toasts.

5. At the beginning of the reception serve iced-tea cocktails with mint and colourful fruit juice cocktails with sparkling water and bits of fruit. The guests will drink less alcohol and it's very classy!

6. At a summer party serve cocktails (margaritas, piña colada or daiquiri): probably no one will drink more than one or two. These cocktails have a thick consistency, are more filling and create a remarkable visual effect.

7. Don't set the wine on the tables. Ask the waiters to keep an eye on the tables: they will serve the drinks and ask the guests if they want more.

8. If you choose to have a reception on a Sunday night, people will drink less because they have to work the next day…