9 great reasons to get married

couple at sunset

When a couple is in love, and contrary to what happened in the good old days, they do not always decide to get married. Many couples are just as happy moving in and living together, without the formal commitment. Marriage, however, is a bit more than just sharing the same roof, it’s a promise with greater meaning that is shared by two people. If you’re undecided or unsure about tying the knot, here are 9 great reasons to get married.

1. Marriage is a sign of commitment

Marriage is synonym of commitment and commitment means the couple is willing to undertake a promise. That promise means that both are committed to being present in the lives of each other, through the good and through the bad. As we all know, life is no bed of roses and difficult situations do arise and require the strength of a committed couple in order to overcome them: this is the greatest act of love that exists.

2. Marriage means there is an “us”

Marriage is a road that leads to a different type of life: a life shared by two people instead of lived by just one. Adding someone to your life means there is now an “us” instead of “just me”. After the wedding, all decisions are made by the couple, the opinions and feelings of both, count equally. Singular becomes plural and a “plus one” makes everything different, but also very special.

3. Marriage means life

Studies have revealed that people who are married live longer. People who live alone are more prone to chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer. So, marriage is also very healthy and can add 20 years to your lifetime!

4. Marriage is the promise of a future together

When we get married it means that two people won’t be together for a bit, it means they’ll be together for awhile – they will share a future. However, we never know what the future will hold and that is why marriage is an act of faith in that future: both believe in a promising future as a couple and are ready to stand by each other through everything.

5. Marriage is an investment

When you decide to get married, you decide to invest in the person that you are marrying: you believe in that person. That investment is made in all areas of life: work, education, children, finances, health and family. When you marry someone, you are investing in that person both physically and spiritually.

6. Marriage means better sex

Married couples have better sex lives. Sex in a marriage doesn’t only mean physical pleasure, it embodies an act of emotional and physical pleasure – they complete each other and are one.

7. Marriage is good for the kids

Kids that grow up with married parents have 55% more probabilities of not being abused; they also have a greater probability of better emotional intelligence, normally do better in school, are successful and happier in life.

8. Marriage means love and family

Every culture in the world honors, respects, celebrates and embraces marriage because it represents something sacred: love and family. Marriage is and always will be a respected and well received act.

9. Marriage is altruism

Marriage means always having someone by your side, so that whatever seems really bad, difficult or painful, is less so (or even good!) when shared by two people. Loving someone and being present in their life, body and soul, is altruism because when you get married you start thinking about that other person, instead of just thinking about yourself.

Commitment is the key to a marriage. When you get married, you must be prepared to give it your all, to give it your very best. In order to get married you must be emotionally prepared and in order to find out if you are, just ask your heart – it’ll know the answer.