A Valentine’s Day Wedding

When Valentine’s Day happens to fall on a Saturday, that can be a fantastic day for celebrating a wedding. Even if it doesn’t occur on the weekend, Valentine’s Day will always be a special day for a wedding or even for a wedding proposal. If Valentine’s Day is the day you want for your wedding but it happens during the week, you can always celebrate your wedding on the weekend before or after and have a Valentine’s Day theme. When planning a Valentine’s Day wedding, ideally you should be inspired by this day and ultimately by what it means to you as a couple. The best inspiration is the love you share: your love story and its happy (wedding day) ending.


Use your love story as inspiration for the wedding invitation: design the invitation with a picture, illustration or cartoon of the bride and groom, inviting everyone to a Valentine’s Day or Love Story themed wedding. Another sweet element that can be included in the wedding invitation is a small textured cupid or a monogram of your names. You can also write something like: “Our wedding: be a part of our love story”.

Wedding decor

Typically, a Valentine’s Day décor requires colors such as red and pink, however, you don’t have to limit the wedding décor to these two colors. Why not mix them up with other shades and infuse your own personality into the wedding décor? For example: pink and brown or red and blue are both great color palettes for decorating a Valentine’s Day wedding with style and creativity. Candles are essential to a Valentine’s Day ambiance, which means they must be incorporated into the wedding décor, seeing as they are perfect for decorating the reception tables and creating a very romantic mood. Pillows covered in velvet or colored feathers are a great way to add a bit of romance to the space, so use them to decorate the reception chairs and/or the lounge areas.


When it comes to flowers, Valentine’s Day is synonym for roses and these are absolutely perfect, not only for the bride’s bouquet, but also for decorating the reception venue. Choose red roses, which signify love and passion.


Have a fun Valentine’s Day bar at the wedding by serving red and pink alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails – they will definitely add a splash of color and energy to the wedding! A champagne sangria with red berries is another great option.

Wedding cake

On Valentine’s Day, chocolate is king, so a chocolate wedding cake, decorated with crystallized pink rose petals or red berries is perfect for this type of themed wedding. Chocolate cupcakes decorated with pink and red fondant hearts is another delicious option.


The playlist for any wedding should always include romantic music, especially a Valentine’s Day wedding: create a dreamy and passionate Valentine’s Day playlist and get everyone slow dancing on the dance floor.


Photography for a Valentine’s Day wedding could be a lot of fun: set up a photo booth at the reception with a bunch of sweet props – everything from hearts and cupid arrows, to angel wings and heart-shaped glasses and let your guests have fun! The result is going to be a load of super sweet, entertaining photos!


The famous heart-shaped chocolates that are so typical of Valentine’s Day are perfect for a February 14th wedding… who doesn’t love chocolate? Chocolate truffles gifted in a small red box with a note that says something like “We loved having you here, may love sweeten your life always” is another cute idea.