A wedding bouquet made for you


When the nuptial march plays and the bride walks through the corridor, the first thing that precedes her is her beautiful bouquet.
The bouquet may be chosen for several reasons, whether symbolic, decorative or as a complement for the dress.
The colour chosen for the bride’s bouquet will, usually, serve as the base for all the other flours used during the wedding (ceremony and reception). This does not mean you should exaggerate and standardize the flowers everywhere… the same flowers at the place of the ceremony, the same flowers on the bride’s hair, the same flowers at the place of the reception… this might be tempting, but avoid this scenario.
The flowers are frequently chosen by their meaning, like for example, a bouquet of daisies is a bouquet of innocence. I think each bride should choose the flowers by what most attracts her, since colour, to smell, touch… and make a previous test to allergy… to prevent that the most beautiful bouquet turns into a nightmare and can not be used.
Like in all the other items of the wedding, the flowers obey the same simple rules. Is the wedding formal or informal? A formal wedding calls for formal flowers, like orchids or lilies. Above all, it calls for description in colour and in the extravagant mixtures of materials, the most elegant possible.
At a least formal wedding, you can give rise to a colour palette, ornaments like berries, branches of the most extravagant shapes, colourful ribbons… in short, a series of elements that don’t match the formal wedding.
There are several types of bouquets: wired, natural, in cascade, in bride style, etc… What matters is that you choose a bouquet in accordance with the formality of the wedding, having in mind the bride itself, her appearance and personality. If she is quite a small bride, it is not advisable to take a big bouquet or huge flowers that might take away some of her beauty. If she is a tall bride, it is not advisable to take a very round bouquet, maybe it’s best to take a bouquet in the shape of a cascade.
Paying attention to the bride’s personality, for example if she is a very funny person, her bouquet should reflect that, with different flowers and an original bouquet, which most of the brides would not dare carrying.
About five months earlier, you should do a research in some flower shops and ask for examples of this type of works. But this is not all, feel free to call someone who has already had her bouquet made at that flower shop, explaining the situation and asking for references, because the florist will only show some pictures of her best work, and will your bouquet be her best work?
When you finally decide about the flower shop, don’t forget that, to you, an orange tone might be a lot different from the florist’s orange. By this I mean that you should take the exact colour or colours that you wish to have in your bouquet, or some fabric from your dress, as well as some magazine pictures, in case you desire to have a bouquet like the one you saw in some picture.
You also have to pay attention to the duration of your wedding, because a bouquet that doesn’t seem very heavy at first, might weigh tons when you hold it for too long. I have seen, in several ceremonies, some brides completely uncomfortable, changing the bouquet from one hand to another, showing a huge desire of relieving the weight on the wrists. Think about these cases when you are deciding on the size of the bouquet with the florist. Usually, bouquets for brides are made in such a way that allows them to be carried by both hands, but they can be made to be carried only by one hand. You also have to be careful with the flowers that can leave a stain in the bride’s dress.
Some meanings of flowers:

  • Red Rose – Passion
  • White Rose – Purity
  • Sunflower – Power
  • Pea Flower – Pleasure
  • Tulip – Love
  • Violet – Loyalty
  • Arum Lily – Incomparable Beauty
  • Camellia – Honesty, Excellency
  • Daisy – Innocence
  • Freesia – Calmness
  • Gardenia – Graciousness
  • Gerebera – Purity
  • Gladiolus – Grace
  • Orchid – Ecstasy
  • Ranunculus – Enchantment