Bachelor parties – themes and ideas

Are you organising a bachelor party for a friend of relative who is going to get married? If this bride is tired of competing with men, tired of parties at the disco in which the bride shows up with a veil and a phallic element on her forehead, do not give up! There is still hope for an amusing bachelor party made for each bride.


Do not leave white only for the wedding day! How about celebrating before in a «white» environment? All you need is to organise a weekend at a touristic snow resort. If it is in Winter time, in Portugal, Serra da Estrela can be a very pleasant possibility. If the bride likes skiing, it is the perfect place. Book a mountain chalet with a nice fireplace, take a good wine, and provide unforgettable moments for a future bride. If you don’t have the necessary equipment, inform yourselves if there is any available equipment to rent.


Is the bride an incurable romantic? A convertible, a nice basket of fruits, sandwiches and salty snacks, as well as a bottle of champagne… won’t she be delighted? So, get to work and organize a picnic at the country, preferably in a calm place where the bride likes to go for a walk in those sunny afternoons. Prepare some mimosas (Champagne with fruit juices) to serve in the sun and enjoy a fantastic afternoon.


Is the bride fond of radical sports? Does she love physical activities? Well, you can raise her adrenaline to the maximum, during a whole weekend. Relax in the fresh air and get ready for true radical moments. Dress for that purpose and practice rafting, rappel, go for long walks, practice paintball, etc. There are several places were all this is available.

Special cares

A party with everyone dressed in a robe… A day, or even a weekend, at a SPA… No alcohol, no fast-food, but with a beautiful hydrated and relaxed body. Choose a place that offers a full service, from massages to mud baths, hydrating treatments, etc.

La Bamba

Choose a thematic club and dress accordingly to the theme. You can choose a 70’s club, a Cuban bar, a country club, etc. What matters is that diversion starts in choosing the outfits, the make-up, and it only ends when you want to!

Let’s play

After all, a party can also be a game… Why not throwing the party at a casino? Casinos have excellent restaurants and very amusing shows. The best part of such a party is the fact that you can leave the party as a winner! But remember that this probability is very remote, so you should only bet small amounts that you can afford to loose!


Does she like the sea? All set, then! Rent a sailing ship, for a lovely sunny afternoon, and have a picnic on board, served with some champagne. Enjoy the see winds and the sun rays in the middle of the sea. And don’t forget to put on some sun lotion!


The fondue parties can be a bit confuse and even a bit dirty, but they are always fun. Organise a fondue party! You can have a cheese fondue and a chocolate fondue for dessert. This party can be useful for some sneaky and funny gossips. You can do this at home, where everyone can help, or you can go to a restaurant specialized in fondues.

Tea, coffee or… Tea

If the bride is a true lady, she will certainly enjoy a Victorian Tea party, complete. The petit-fours, the scones, the salmon and the aromatic teas are the fundamental parts. This party can be done at home or at an elegant hotel’s tea saloon.


Sing… who doesn’t like singing? Who hasn’t already had a lot of fun singing songs with friends? Have the party at a karaoke bar, where alcohol will improve your performances!


Does the bride like nature? Consider an out door party. Get some tents, inform yourselves about the natural parks, carry some bags on your back and there you go, on your way to meet nature. Inform yourselves about the activities that the park offers, like horse riding, canoeing, fishing, etc. It is important that all guests know which accessories and clothes to take.

Big Flights

Does the bride love to travel? How about a party in a European capital, like London or Paris? Visit the websites of the low-cost companies and plan a wonderful weekend. Rent a good hotel, book a nice theatre, go to a club and wake up missing the place your are about to leave…

Arrive in Luxury

Rent one or more limousine(s) with a chauffer, rent a good hotel and ask him to pick you up at the hotel. Leave the hotel and arrive at your best, the «meanwhile» I leave t your imagination…