Chic outfit ideas for the mother of the bride

The bride is most certainly going to look fabulous on her wedding day. What about the mother of the bride? What’s your style? There is a huge variety of styles for the modern mom.

Are you a hip or more conservative mother of the bride?

It has become very popular seeing many mothers of the bride wearing a dress with a generous neck line, covered by a jacket during the ceremony, but removed during the reception in order to show off the dress! More conservative moms may prefer a tailored suit or a more elaborate dress. Today, it is totally acceptable for the mother of the bride to wear outfits that are a little more revealing or even sexy. A more modern, less conservative outfit, with a touch of color and voluptuous fabrics are the new trends.

When to start looking?

Usually, the mother of the bride is always the last person to shop for her outfit because her daughter comes first – however, what may happen is that because it is so last minute, you may not find the ideal outfit for your body type and for the wedding’s formality. As soon as your daughter has picked out her wedding dress, it’s time for the mother of the bride to start looking for hers. Make sure you have enough time to shop around and really look for a dress that not only fits you like a glove but that is also stunning chic – after all, the mother of the bride is also supposed to shine! Whether you’re going to have your outfit tailor-made, buy it in a bridal shop or order a designer dress, you should start looking for an outfit about 6 months before the wedding. Otherwise, you risk ending up with the leftovers. If you’ve decided to buy ready-to-wear, as soon as the new collection comes out – as long as it is appropriate for the season the wedding is going to occur in – you should start shopping.

Coordinate with the bride?

The mother of the bride’s dress should, in a certain way, complement the bride’s dress – in style, formality and relevance. Many brides dream of seeing their mother’s dressed a certain way and with a certain dress so, as the mother of the bride, make sure you talk to your daughter about what she imagined for you. However, it is also extremely important that you feel good in what your daughter has idealized for you. If what she imagined you wearing is not something that is of your particular taste, don’t say no; go shopping with her and try on whatever outfit she planned for you. If even then you don’t feel good about it, try reaching a compromise, where both are happy with the end result.

Pick out an outfit with your daughter – the bride

If your daughter has no idea what type of outfit or color you should wear to the wedding, then the possibilities are endless. The most popular colors for the mother of the bride are: beige, navy blue and champagne. In addition to those, some shades of green, brown and blue are also becoming all the rage. Black is a very modern choice for an extremely chic, late afternoon wedding. Wearing white is totally out of the question, seeing as that color is exclusive to the bride.

Talk to and coordinate with the mother of the groom

It is also very important that the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom get together and talk about the outfits they plan to wear to their children’s wedding – neither are going to want to show up at the wedding wearing the same dress or the same color.

Where to buy?

Most bridal shops have a “wedding party collection” with outfits specifically geared toward the wedding guests, including the mother of the bride. Normally, this “wedding party collection” is just like the bridal dress collection – only a limited amount of sizes exist in each model, which are then altered to fit each person specifically. Therefore, if you decide to purchase one of these outfits, do it early so that there is enough time to get all the alterations done.


Re-wear or not?

If you plan to purchase an outfit that can be used in other occasions of the same formality, double your investment by choosing something simple and versatile. By making a smart choice, you’ll have an appropriate outfit for many events: a special dinner, another wedding, a night at the theatre… Something as simple as a tailored suit or a dress and jacket can be worn numerous times; and can even be mixed and matched with other pieces from your wardrobe.