Days on which you shouldn’t get married

If you’re thinking about getting married, then finding the right and special day to set the wedding date is very important. For starters, do you want to know which are the days on which you shouldn’t get married?

In order to set the wedding date, you not only have to consider the season (if you wish to get married in the Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter), the perfect occasion for the honeymoon, the probability of certain guests attending or not attending the wedding, among others. When you decide on a wedding date, you should try to avoid the following days:

Superstitious days

Even if you’re not superstitious, it’s never a good idea to have your wedding date associated with an unlucky date such as the 13th of the month, or worse, Friday the 13th.  Some brides and grooms even try to avoid the weekend following a Friday the 13th. 

All Saints' Day

Although a national holiday in many countries, All Saints' Day is directly related to death and is also the day after Halloween, which also doesn’t make it a very ideal day for setting a wedding date. This is a day to remember those who have passed and not really appropriate for celebrating a wedding.

Daylight Saving Time

There is nothing worse than having guests arrive at the wedding an hour after it has started or even an hour early!

April Fools' Day

April Fools' Day, or April 1st, is always a day full of pranks and little white lies – none of which is in the least bit romantic…

Traditional and important festivities

It may seem super romantic to get married on New Year’s Eve, or even on Christmas Day, but the truth is that you should avoid every day between December 22nd and January 5th. If you decide to set your wedding date on one of these days, the truth is that you’ll end up with a lot less guests than you were expecting. This time of year is a time for holidays, spending time with family, travelling to celebrate New Year’s Eve. The day of or weekend following Carnival/Halloween are also not the most indicated because the festivities may overshadow the wedding day romance.

Football/soccer game days

If you don’t want to see your guests more excited with the idea of slipping away to a cafe or bar to watch a football or soccer match, than you shouldn’t set your wedding day on important game days. The most important ones to avoid are the end of season games, as well as European or World Cup matches.