Fall wedding

Fall wedding

One of the most beautiful seasons of the year, a Fall wedding appeals to all senses, especially those related to colour, texture and taste. Need a little inspiration? Keep reading…


Piles of seasonal flowers and fruit, tea and large glass pitchers filled with champagne sangria and wild berries are just some ideas. Use rich colors such as brown; inviting textiles such as linens and velvets; decorate with pillows and add velvet to the light fixtures and lamps, in order to create an atmosphere of rural elegance.


Add a Fall element to the wedding invitation – something like a brightly colored leaf from a tree. Go for colors such as brown, bordeaux or different shades of yellow, in order to make the season in which the wedding is going to be celebrated, stand out. Use golden details to further enhance the color palette.

Floral decoration

Mix up your favorite flowers with leaves, tree branches and fruit, such as blackberries and black currants. Go for seasonal flowers such as dahlias, gardenias, roses and orchids and pair them with colorful, rustic lanterns.

The menu

Choose seasonal products such as pumpkin, to incorporate into desserts or to prepare a delicious and creamy pumpkin soup. Use the colors of Fall produce, such as chestnut brown, pumpkin orange, wild berry red and green apple to create a colorful and mouth-watering menu. Serve chocolate martinis paired with cinnamon mini-cakes.

Wedding cake

For a Fall wedding, a Fall wedding cake! It can include a wild berry frosting, a hazelnut and walnut filling or something much more decadent, such as an irresistible chocolate cake. As an equally appealing alternative, serve miniature tarts, made with seasonal fruit.

Wedding favors

Give your guests some autumn sweetness with small cinnamon cookies packed inside colorful boxes, tied with a satin ribbon – with your monogram printed on it of course! Present your guests with caramelized apple lollipops – just pop them into colorful glass vases with a small note attached wishing them a sweet day! Prepare small jars of jam and cover the lid with a piece of cloth whose colors match the wedding’s color palette. Another idea for a Fall wedding favor is a small plant, presented in a pretty pot.

Color palettes

Get inspired by these beautiful fall wedding color palettes:

Tree leaves: bronze, yellow, red, peach, orange.

Divine: chocolate brown with acid green or blue green.

Classic: chocolate brown with pastel colors such as pink or baby blue.

Luxurious: gold and red.