Formal, semi-formal and informal weddings

Formal weddings

Usually, formal weddings are more elaborated and solemn weddings, in which there is a religious ceremony, including a formal reception, where guests sit at the table to taste several types of dishes, accompanied by the sound of a nice orchestra… The bride and groom’s clothes must follow the most rigorous rules.

Semi-formal weddings

This wedding can be celebrated on the open air, at a special place for the bride and groom or even at home, where the dressing code is no longer that rigorous. It is followed by a light meal, like a buffet or a cocktail, perhaps with a small musical group performing.




Informal weddings

These weddings, very similar to the semi-formal, are usually weddings that stand out by being different and casual. After the ceremony, there can simply be a small reception where some Hors d’Oeuvres with cake and champagne are served, or even just cake and champagne.