Gifts and souvenirs for a fabulous wedding

are becoming more elaborate and glamorous every day. The wedding souvenirs’ presentation and package should have a unique and appealing effect. Sometimes, the way how a wedding gift is presented gives the wedding an unforgettable look.

Don’t forget that the wedding souvenirs are one of several ways to thank your guest’s presence. The wedding gifts or souvenirs can be decorative, complementing the decoration of the reception’s tables, or even the party’s environment itself. Just like the rest of the wedding’s decoration, the gifts should reflect the wedding’s formality and your personality as a couple.

  1. Use an appealing and good looking package, don’t give your souvenirs without any wrapping. A small box or a paper bag with a small bow are good wrappings for any kind of gift. If your guests see that you have made an effort to please them, it will be a kinder gesture than the gift which is inside the wrapping.
  2. It is very important that the colours on the souvenir’s packages are in accordance with the colours chosen for your wedding, the tables, the flowers, and so on. You may place colourful ribbons that match your souvenirs.
  3. Place a personalized message in each souvenir, it may be about possible uses of the souvenir itself, a sentence that means something to you, a small poem, etc… If you offer candies, you can always write something like: “2 candies for each, so that you won’t forget that life is also sweet…”
  4. Having your initials engraved, using a personalized ribbon, printing your wedding date or even writing a personal message will personalize your souvenir even more. All this can be hand written for a personal touch, but only if your hand writing is pretty, otherwise you should hire a professional calligrapher to do it. Another option is the laser printing, it is much cheaper and with very interesting results.
  5. Add some functionality to your wedding gifts, use them as escort cards for your guests. On a table at the entrance of the reception, place a small card in each gift with the guest’s name and the number that corresponds to the reception’s table.
  6. You can also do a small card yourselves to put on the gifts; you can place a monogram with your initials, the wedding date, etc… Here, creativity is the main factor to develop.
  7. What about making the table’s centres with the wedding gifts? You can, for example, make some table centres with some flowered vases, placing a card on each one, explaining that each one of them will be the gift for the guests sitting at that table.

  1. In order to spare some space on the table, you could hang the gifts on each guest’s chair. This is a creative way of decorating the chairs at the reception. Use a nice cloth bag with holds where you will place the gift tied to the chairs with a satin ribbon, they will make a fantastic effect. Don’t forget your personal card!
  2. If your wedding is celebrated around Christmas time, you could decorate a Christmas tree with your wedding gifts. Make sure you choose light gifts, so that they won’t weigh much on the tree.
  3. You can also place the gifts in nice baskets at the exit of the place where the wedding reception takes place, with a note telling your guests to take them when they leave the party.
  4. As for children, you can offer something useful for them to play with during the reception. You can also ask the children to distribute the gifts to your guests, but make sure that every guest receives a gift.
  5. A practical and decorative idea would be to place the gifts for your guests on a central table, with a card inviting the guests to take them. As for the children’s souvenirs, place them on a shorter table, disposed in an attractive way.
  6. Don’t forget to have some extra wedding souvenirs, in case some of them are somehow ruined, or due to those guests who decide to take more than one.
  7. There are certain types of gifts that are always successful and are never unfashionable. You can choose some home made jams, put them in small pots along with a small home made cookie, wrap them in cellophane paper, tie them with a nice ribbon and there you have a small but very nice gift!
  8. If you offer chocolates, pay attention to the temperature, because during summer they can melt down very easily. Chocolates can be a very elegant gift, for example the Godiva chocolates shown on the photo, although they are more appropriate for winter.
  9. A lovely option will be to make charity donations, choose one or more charity organizations and, instead of the traditional wedding gift, you may place a small card on each table saying something like this: “We have offered a gift of love in your name… may this contribution bring a little more happiness for the children of (Organisation’s name)”. You can also offer cards from UNICEF, or any other organisation that sells those items. This option is tax deductible, so ask for a receipt.