Good moments to have people over at any time

Invite your guests for an afternoon tea. This might be a very elegant moment, when you can use the lovely tea set that you included on your wedding list. Buy several tea flavours for different tastes (preferably in leaves) a chocolate cake, make some scones, jams, smoked salmon sandwiches and fresh cheese, sliced fruit… and there you have an elegant afternoon of good socialisation!

If you don’t wish to have a Saturday night dinner, invite your friends or relatives for a dessert, a nice chocolate cake with some ice-cream, along with fresh coffee and a good brandy… believe me, you will delight anyone!

If you and your friends are wine lovers (or if you would like to be), invite your friends for a wine tasting party. Each couple should bring a different wine and you offer them dinner. Of course you must set everything before: if you intend to cook meat, you should mention that it should be a red wine tasting party; if you intend to cook fish or seafood, you should have a good white wine. This is a good way of learning a lot about wines, but of course you shouldn’t over taste them… This kind of socialisation might be applied to cheese, appetizers, anything you wish. What matters here are the moments you and your guests can enjoy.

Another moment which I, sometimes, enjoy spending with my friends is a Sunday morning brunch. A good Sunday breakfast, there’s nothing hard about it… Buy some freshly baked bread, some jam and butter, slice a melon, make a cup of fresh coffee and squeeze some oranges for juice. So, does it sound hard to you?