Here comes the groom!

According to recent statistics, 34% of the grooms participate a lot in the wedding planning and only 7% do not participate at all. The groom’s involvement in the wedding preparations has increased over time. Long gone are the days when the groom was only expected to propose and then say “yes” on the wedding day.

Today, both brides and grooms, especially those who pay for their own wedding, participate together in the planning of their wedding. When the groom actively participates and shares activities with the bride, it’s very common that he manages the music, the wedding invitation design, the search for and orientation of the wedding photographer, the entertainment and the transportation. Obviously, the groom does not have to be restricted to these jobs: choosing the wedding cake, the caterer, the décor and whatever else he wishes, are tasks that can also be shared with the bride.

Let the groom’s personality shine through

With the evolution of wedding styles and couple relationships, the groom has started to enjoy including details of his own personality in a party that is, after all, also his. From incorporating his musical taste, to deciding details relating to his suit and wedding accessories, the groom does it in a fun and relaxed way, while simultaneously supporting his bride. The groom can have an even bigger role in the wedding, and some ideas include choreographing a routine with his friends, serenading the bride or preparing a romantic photo shoot for the wedding day.

Bride vs. Groom: the big difference

While the bride is worried if the cocktails look pretty, the groom is concerned if the cocktails taste good. The bride usually concerns herself more with the details of the wedding décor, while the groom wants to assure the best entertainment for guests where, for example, drinks and music are concerned. Basically, both are indispensable and their collaboration will make the wedding party even better!

How to get involved

For a groom who feels that he shouldn’t get involved or simply doesn’t know how to get involved in the wedding planning, ideally he should first decide what he wants for his guests – how he wants them to feel on the wedding day (happy, nostalgic, fun, at a family get together…). This way, he can start thinking about fun and interesting ideas for making those wishes come true. You should definitely let your personality shine through, selecting and outlining fun ideas with the bride, the musicians, the entertainers and/or choosing songs that express your personality, for example.

And for the more traditional grooms, even if your friends poke at you for going to pick out flowers for the wedding day, let them know that you’re going because you want to go… after all, the wedding is a two person adventure! The bride should respect the groom’s opinions and support him of course. You should both be able to reach a consensus in all matters, simply because the wedding is for the both of you!