How to choose a perfume for your wedding day

Perfume for your wedding day

The perfume worn by the bride and groom on their wedding day is a small detail that may help you remember that special day forever. Which fragrance would you like to refresh those memories?

One of the most powerful ways to relive a special moment is to associate it to a scent. The human brain is capable of identifying more than 10,000 distinct smells, so it is perfectly able to remember a fragrance that evokes your wedding day forever.

The fragrance of a perfume has the capacity of letting you relive the emotions you were feeling at any given moment. Perfume your special day forever with a fragrance that you love, so that in the future the memories will be as clear and as emotional as they appear in your wedding album.

Choosing the perfect perfume for your wedding day takes time because it should reflect the personality of both the bride and the groom. Choosing a special perfume just for the wedding day, something different from what you usually wear, can be a great way to remember your wedding day. Afterwards, every time you wear that perfume – on special occasions such as romantic dinners or wedding anniversaries – all the memories will come flooding back, consciously and unconsciously, creating a special atmosphere for yet another unforgettable moment.

8 steps for choosing a new perfume

  1. When you decide to choose a special perfume for your wedding day, go alone – don’t take anyone with you, not even to give you their opinion. This is a very intimate and personal choice that should be made individually.
  2. When buying your new fragrance, don’t wear any perfume or fragranced creams because the mixture of different aromas might compromise the final decision.
  3. Don’t judge a perfume by its bottle or brand name, try it on!
  4. Avoid smelling the perfume exclusively through the bottle – you’ll only be able to feel and smell its true scent after spraying it on your skin. Once the alcohol has evaporated that’s when the true aroma, along with your skin, will liberate the perfume’s real fragrance.
  5. Spray the perfume on your skin, go for a walk and analyze the perfume’s fragrance 60 minutes later. Why? Because although you might love the perfume as soon as you spray it on your skin, the true scent will only emerge after the alcohol has evaporated and the base of the perfume has been in contact with the skin for at least one hour.
  6. If you have oily skin, the perfume you choose will gain an even more intense fragrance. If you have dry skin, you’ll need to apply the perfume frequently because it will evaporate quickly.
  7. If the perfume you select also comes in body lotion you might want to buy it as well. If you apply the body lotion after your shower and then later on the perfume, the scent will last a lot longer. The same goes for after shave.
  8. Avoid smelling and trying on too many perfumes at the same time. Limit the experience to 3 or 4 fragrances at a time, so as not to “confuse” your sense of smell. A great trick for clearing up your sense of smell is to grab some coffee beans with your hands and then smell them.