How to coordinate the bride’s makeup and hair color

Makeup and hair color

What is your hair color? Did you know that there is certain make-up that coordinates better with blonde hair than with brown hair?

Whether you are a blond, redhead or brunette, the most important thing is that on your special day you look your best: a beautiful and elegant bride. Whether you color your hair or maintain its natural shade, there are some guidelines for choosing make-up that will take you from simple, to simply fabulous.

For dark brown or black hair

Dark brown or black hair

Dark hair begs for lips in a deep color such as plum, red, blackberry or aubergine… If you have fair skin, your eyes should be outlined in light brown or grey, followed by black mascara. Finish with a white eye shadow, applied directly on the brow bone to lift the eyebrows and open up the eyes.

If you prefer something more dramatic, go for a palette of lighter shades mixed together with medium colors: pink, light brown and mahogany. For darker and vibrant eyes, go with an amethyst or emerald eye shadow and a charcoal gray or mahogany eyeliner.

For blond hair

Blond hair

The best make-up colors for women with blond hair are the shades of baby pink, although shades of peach are also a great option. Go for lips with an application of transparent rose gloss and a rose-toned blush for your cheekbones, for make-up fit for a princess. It is very important that you keep the make-up soft and always very light-colored. If you have decided to place all the emphasis on the lips, then keep the eyes very soft: choose brown mascara instead of black and a simple illuminator for a very soft make-up that will make your hair color a lovely ally.  

For strawberry or red hair

Strawberry or red hair

Strawberry or red hair looks best with red-orange lips, but if you’re going for a softer look, choose a peach-toned lipstick; the ideal blush for the cheekbones is peach-toned or a very soft pink; brown mascara for the eyelashes and, to complete the eye make-up, a beige or camel-toned eye shadow. If you’re a green-eyed redhead and you want to make those gorgeous green eyes pop, outline your eyes with a brownish-reddish eyeliner.

For grey hair

If your hair color is or has become grey and you would like to wear it naturally, then the best make-up colors for you are those that won’t leave you looking washed out. Forget using any type of brown on the lips, the ideal make-up here is a rose, peach or apricot lip gloss. In terms of blush, go for pastel colors, such as pink or peach. If you have dark eyes, choose a palette of browns; if you have light eyes, choose a palette of grays, with blue mascara. Avoid using blue eye shadow, which is not very flattering for grey-haired women.