How to decide the wedding theme

Wedding theme

You’ve set the date and it’s time to start organizing the wedding, which also means choosing a theme for the big day. Many weddings incorporate poetry, books or contemporary music; others mix various traditions, like a Buddhist ceremony and a Japanese-themed dinner. Brides no longer limit themselves to white wedding dresses and while some weddings are more casual and relaxed, others are more formal and elegant. To determine what kind of wedding you want to have and decide the wedding theme, bride and groom have to determine their own personal style. Besides deciding what you both like, it’s just as important to determine what you don’t like. Answer the following questions together in order to get one step closer to deciding which type of wedding is perfect for you.

  • What are your favorite restaurants? Describe what you like about them: the atmosphere, the type of food it serves, its quality, the service and even the way the restaurant is decorated.
  • What are your favorite foods? French, classic American, pure British, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, fusion, vegetarian, organic… What are your favorite foods at the restaurants you usually go to together?
  • What are your favorite desserts? If you had to choose, which type of chocolate do you prefer: white, dark, milk, all three or none?
  • What are your favorite drinks? Fruit cocktails, iced tea, beer, spirits, liquors, wine?
  • Where would you like to spend a vacation? What do you like most about that place and why? Is this place formal, relaxed, cosmopolitan, exotic or rustic?
  • Do you prefer the city or the country?
  • What are your favorite books, shows, movies, stories or authors? Why are they so special and what speaks to you most in the stories behind these movies or books?
  • What is your favorite flower? Is there any flower that you don’t like?
  • What are your favorite colors? Which are your least favorite colors?
  • Do you have a hobby or interest that you would like to incorporate in the wedding? For example: music, wines…
  • Which fashion designer or brand names do you prefer? Do you like them because of their design, use of specific colors or fabrics?
  • Do you prefer a certain type of textile or pattern? Example of textile: silk. Example of pattern: polka dots.
  • Is there any time of day or of the year that particularly inspires you? Do you prefer sunrise or sunset? Summer or Winter? Do you like sitting outside in the garden or enjoy sitting by a warm fire instead? Is this something you can incorporate into your wedding?
  • Do you have any type of collection that can be the inspiration for the wedding’s theme? Maybe your grandmother’s linens, antique dishware, jewelry boxes, crystal pendants, miniature cars or boats…
  • Do you imagine your wedding like a fairytale, something you’ve dreamed about since childhood, or as an event with a more contemporary touch?
  • Do you see your wedding as one unique event or as a series of events organized over various days?
  • What is your favorite type of music? Make a list of your favorite singers and their songs… as well as any songs you don’t want to hear at the wedding!
  • If you had a day off, what would you love to do? Spend the day relaxing at a spa or go mountain climbing? Think about the different ways that you could incorporate those ideas into the wedding. What could make those details magical?
  • What type of photography do you enjoy? Photo-journalism (photography that captures the essence of the day, as opposed to a staged smile), documentary (the photographer registers everything that happens) or traditional portrait (typical wedding portrait photography)? Do you prefer black and white photographs, in color or sepia?

Deciding the theme

After you’ve answered all these questions it will be much easier to identify the perfect style and theme for your wedding. The theme can reflect anything from your favorite movie, to a color, a poem or a favorite flower. Above all, it should be something that inspires both of you. Whatever the theme you decide to apply to your wedding, it should be your guide in every aspect of the wedding’s organization and decoration. The theme should be something that guests can easily identify in all of the wedding’s elements, such as the invitations, menu, wedding cake, music, décor and wedding favors, just to name a few.