How to make the bride and groom’s first dance even more special

First dance even more special

The newlyweds’ first dance is always a big moment, for the bride and the groom and for those who get to watch. While some may shed a tear as they watch, others may dream about how their first dance as husband and wife will be. The truth is that this moment is yours and your eyes won’t be anywhere else but on each other. If you want to assure that your first dance is even more special, be inspired by these ideas.

Use the lights

A good use of lighting can add an even more dramatic effect to the bride and groom’s first dance. Project your monogram or both your names on the dance floor, while the rest of the lights are dimmed – make sure that whoever is responsible for the entertainment/lighting has all the equipment necessary to make this happen.

Soap bubbles

Give the kids at the wedding a container of soap bubbles and while the newlyweds’ are enjoying their first dance, ask the kids to create a circle around you. Ask them to blow as many soap bubbles as possible during the entire first dance. Besides creating a beautiful, heartwarming moment, it will be perfect for amazing wedding photos.

Create a choreographed first dance

If one of you, or even both, feel nervous about the idea of having to dance together during 4 minutes in front of all the guests, why not attend some dance lessons before the wedding? Hire a choreographer to give you some lessons and maybe turn the first dance as husband and wife into a routine that incorporates calm and romantic with fun and sexy. Besides providing a boost of confidence, dance classes are a great way for the bride and groom to bond and have some fun together even before the big day. This moment can also be very memorable and a huge surprise for all your friends and family, especially if they’re not used to seeing you dance.

Use sparklers

Give your guests small sparklers and matches, tied together with a ribbon and a small note that reads “illuminate our first dance”. Make sure the DJ or the band’s vocalist knows what the plan is, so that they can remind the guests when the time comes. Don’t forget to test the sparklers beforehand, so you know how long they will burn. When the moment for the newlyweds’ first dance arrives, your guests will light up the space with the sparklers and you’ll dance amidst their brilliance, while the rest of the lights are dimmed. A beautiful moment, for beautiful photographs!

Share the first dance

If you like the idea of sharing your first dance, why not share it with both your parents and asking them to join you on the dance floor for your first dance as husband and wife? Besides honoring your parents, you’ll create a heartfelt moment and an interesting way of kicking off the rest of the dance party.

You first… than add some more people

Recruit a couple of friends and create a fun choreography for the first dance. Start the first dance with a calm romantic song and halfway through switch things up – your friends join you for the rest of the choreography, which can be done all together or with them acting as your backup dancers. This idea requires a planned and practiced choreography and you might want to hire a choreographer to make sure the routine is flawless. It will definitely be worth all the hard work and effort when you surprise all the guests with such a fun moment.