How to organize a wedding with less stress

Planning a wedding from start to finish is definitely not an easy task and can bring with it many moments of exhaustion and stress. As any bride and groom will tell you, planning a wedding involves decisions, responsibility for those decisions, each of which has their own cost of course. So, how to get away from all this responsibility and take a breather? How do you get through the process of planning a wedding without going crazy with all the details? Sometimes you just have to take a step back and get away from it all so that you can return calmer, renewed and with all the energy necessary to embrace the challenge that is planning a wedding. Here are some suggestions that will help you relax and de-stress during the entire process.

Go out to dinner with the girls/guys

There’s nothing like a night out with the girls or the guys to forget about wedding planning and simply laugh and talk about good old girl and guy stuff. Before heading out to dinner, tell your friends that the word wedding is totally off limits and if anyone forgets and initiates a conversation about it, they have to buy a round of drinks for everyone else!

Plan a weekend where the topic “wedding” is forbidden

For an entire weekend, just be a couple – a boyfriend and a girlfriend who have not yet decided to get married. Reminisce about the first weeks and months you dated, flirt with each other, be lovers… and not a thought or word about weddings or wedding plans. 

Go for a drive

Hold hands and head out for a drive to the beach or to a local park or garden: once there, go for a romantic walk and talk about everything under the sun, except your impending wedding. Celebrate the fact that you can get away from it all, relax and enjoy each other’s company… continue sharing and making memorable moments.

Plan a game night

Forget wedding planning for one night and have some fun! Set up a game night with your favorite PlayStation, Wii, card or board games and just have a ball. Whoever loses has to be the other person’s slave for a day… doing what? Well, that’s entirely up to you…

Set up a sexy date

Make reservations at a great restaurant and book a room at a fancy hotel – if possible with a romantic view! Get all dressed up, have a wonderful and elegant dinner, stop at a bar for a delicious cocktail, go for a moonlit walk and then top the night off at a luxurious hotel. Celebrate your love… you deserve it!

Work out

If you don’t have gym memberships than get outside! If neither of you enjoy jogging, than go for a nice brisk walk, enjoy the outdoors and each other’s company – a perfect way to relax and forget all the wedding stress. If you do have gym memberships, than head on over there and get in a great workout: there’s nothing like getting the adrenaline pumping to forget all your worries.

Enjoy a romantic dinner at home

If you both enjoy cooking or just want to try out a new recipe together, than plan a night where you can do just that. Go shopping together for the ingredients: buy a bottle of champagne to enjoy with dinner, plan a sexy and easy to make recipe (so you don’t have to spend all night in the kitchen) and have fun preparing it. Then, set the mood with some candles, soft music and enjoy your romantic dinner, free of wedding talk.

Remember that your wedding day is only one day, so planning it should be a process that although may be difficult and stressful at times, should also be something fun, something that will help you grow closer, something that you’ll want to remember as a couple. During the entire wedding planning process, never forget what is most important: each other.