How to get a wedding budget made for you

Don’t let money or financial motives dominate the theme of your conversation or your main interests. In this matter, you are the essential. Your wedding day will be a special day, therefore, you should not let it turn into a nightmare getting obsessed with prices or anything else that makes this day, or the moments that precede it, less special than they should be.

Rule number one is: spoil yourself with the things you consider to be the most important and forget about the rest, that is, make a list of everything you would like to have in your wedding. Out of that list, choose what you would really like to have in your wedding – four or five items that are dear to you – and don’t discuss the prices. After all, to make it special it’s important that you know how to spoil yourselves. Remember that this is the beginning of a new life and you will not wish to get started with sad moments, full of arguments about things that have nothing to do with your love.

To have an elegant wedding, you do not need an excessive budget!

For your budget you must pay attention to several items:

  • Ceremony costs (place, ceremony officer, ceremony license)
  • Reception costs (place, food, starters, bar service, entertainment, decoration, lighting and souvenirs)
  • Outfits (bride: bride’s dress, shoes, hair, make-up, jewellery; groom: suit, shoes)
  • Jewellery (wedding rings)
  • Invitations, localization card, thanking card (including stamps)
  • Flowers (table centres, flowers for the altar, bride’s bouquet, bouquet to throw away, flowers for the groom and parents; other decorative and ornamental flowers for the place were the reception takes place and also for the starters)
  • Souvenirs for guests
  • Photographer and video recording
  • Transportation
  • Honeymoon
  • Place to spend the night on the day of the ceremony