How to have a perfect make-up for excellent photos

When you think about your wedding pictures, no one wants to show a bright nose, circles round the eyes or any other imperfections that the camera is not capable of hiding.

First, think if it will not be worth hiring a professional and don’t forget that you don’t get a second chance for pictures! If you think you should do the make-up yourself, pay attention to these advices:

  • After using a hydrating lotion and having applied a correction stick in all the areas that need it, put a very soft and well applied fond de teint, so that it won’t look like you’re wearing a mask.
  • To avoid shining, don’t use powders or shinny correction sticks, always use an opaque make-up so that it won’t reflect any shine.
  • Enhance the most important parts of your face. In order to do that, apply some eyelashes in the outer part of your eyelids, put some gloss in the centre of your lips so that they will look bigger, put some extra blush.
  • Before the formal photos, correct your make-up, especially on the lips and face with some compact powder.