How to hire a wedding planner

A professional wedding designer (also known as planner) is an option the couple should start considering a year before the wedding.

A good wedding planner must guide the couple in the several planning stages of the wedding. You have to take into account if this professional is someone with experience, capable of assembling a team of professionals, from the catering to the photographer, ensuring that your wedding will be the experience you always dreamed of.

Be sure to have references of the person to hire from the very beginning, and call former clients to know if they were pleased with his/her work.

You must remember right from the start that you will spend a lot of time with this person, and therefore he/she should be someone with whom you feel at ease and comfortable to express your ideas.

It's important that you define your budget in the first meeting as well as the way your designer will charge his/her fees, which can be charged per hour, day, or even per wedding.

In the first meeting it's also crucial that you make sure the designer understands what you want for your wedding, and, not less important, what you don't want…