How to welcome the Family

It's extremely important that you welcome each others' family. After the engagement takes place, there's a long way to go of great delicacy, which requires special attention to receive the future spouse's family. It's usually said, and with good reason, that there is no second chance for a first impression, so don't neglect what time has so wisely taught us. Therefore, you should always be polite to your spouse's family, even if you don't approve certain behaviours or the temper of some relatives. Think of it as something you won't be able to change, and in order to deal with it ask for the help of your spouse to get to know some family members and their characteristics in advance. This will help you to be more tolerant and to live together in harmony, since no one has an entirely happy marriage if there is disagreement between relatives.

First Family Meeting

When the time comes to present your families to one another, it's important that you create an environment where everyone can feel comfortable, especially if one family is very different from the other.

Try to arrange an event that won't embarrass anyone, such as a lunch in a friendly and neutral place where everyone can feel comfortable with each other.

If you decide to choose the menu in advance, don't choose bizarre dishes, for someone may see it as an attempt to show off, and don't opt for places such as an Indian food restaurant. Even though you love it, that doesn't mean anyone else does.

That is the meaning of creating a cosy environment: avoiding the guests to feel ill at ease or embarrassed in any way. In order to achieve it, try to know your guests opinions beforehand regarding some of your suggestions to know what each person prefers, and use that knowledge to offer a moment of joy and well-being between your families, ensuring mutual respect for your marriage.

During the meeting, whether it's a lunch, a cocktail (or even a breakfast all included… Why not? Everyone loves a good breakfast on Sunday!) try to pick subjects that are not controversial such as religion, politics or even your wedding plans. Don't forget that someone will always disagree with you and will want to give a better opinion than yours.

Be friendly and nice, showing interest for all your guests, after all they are people that both of you love and you would like to pass that feeling to your future family.