Ideas for a wedding afterparty

Wedding afterparty

If planning the reception is exciting, imagine planning a wedding afterparty! Sometimes the wedding party starts to die down, the last dance is danced and that’s the end of such a special day, one that took so long to plan… However, there normally exists a group of friends and family that always likes to stay awhile longer and dance until they drop! This means that planning a wedding afterparty could be a wonderful idea! If you think your guests would be up to this idea, than get cracking: make the day last a little bit longer and impress those guests who want to remember your wedding day as the funnest wedding they’ve ever been to.

Define the idea

Planning an afterparty also means doing it according to the wedding’s formality. For example, you can plan a wedding afterparty where the idea is to gather the resilient guests at a local bar and top off the wedding there. In this case, you should call the bar at least one week before the wedding, not only to find out if it is open but to ask them to reserve a private spot for the wedding party, complete with a couple of bottles of champagne. Don’t forget that not everyone is going to be interested in attending the afterparty, so there is no need to reserve the entire bar.

Another way of planning a wedding afterparty is to do it at the reception site, in a different, more special place, cozier and inviting, where you can finish off the night listening to music and drinking cocktails. Basically, you should assess your guest list in order to determine who you think would love to attend the wedding afterparty and who would pass it up. Then, plan it according to your budget and, of course, the wedding you’ve always dreamed of.

Who to invite?

Any guest that has been invited to the wedding should be automatically invited to the afterparty, even if you think or know that certain people will definitely not attend this type of party. Besides counting on your closest friends and family, prepare everything to include a few extra people – if someone decides to attend the wedding afterparty at the last minute, they shouldn’t feel unwanted or left out. The wedding afterparty does not have to be mentioned on the wedding invitation, what you can do is ask some of your friends to pass the word along – it’s also a great way to get some early feedback on the idea.

Choose the place

The wedding afterparty should be held in a private location adjacent to the reception site. For example, if the reception is held at a hotel, you can have the afterparty in a smaller, more private room or rent a tent and decorate it especially for the occasion; if you’re at a restaurant or estate and there’s a great bar nearby, that may also be a good option. Don’t forget that many guests would love to enjoy a few drinks and, therefore cannot drive, so arrange for transportation or simply choose a nearby spot that’s easy to walk to.


A wedding afterparty is a perfect way to continue surprising your guests, so don’t forget to focus on the details surrounding it as well. If you want to keep your guests enjoying themselves and fascinated by the entire wedding all night long, convince them to stay for the afterparty. Decorate the location a little bit differently than the reception site – since there will be fewer guests, the costs will also be lower, so give it your best and really go all out there! Choose a theme for the wedding afterparty: for example, an 80s theme with music, drinks and entertainment specifically from that decade; if it’s summer, throw an exotic wedding afterparty by the pool with tropical cocktails and fun music; if a chic urban white decor is more your style, prepare an all white location with diffused lighting, a great DJ and fruit martinis. Have a cigar bar or some sort of unique entertainment to offer your resilient guests – a prize for their company! End the day the best way possible and surprise everyone with the originality of your wedding.

Food & Drink

If dinner was served several hours ago, it’s only natural that guests may be a little hungry. Prepare some snacks, cinnamon cookies, warm cheese scones, mini-hamburgers or whatever you think fits in with your theme and afterparty idea. If you’re going to have the afterparty at a local bar, the guests won’t expect the newlyweds to pay for the drinks, but that would be a nice gesture. However, if the wedding afterparty is going to be held in a place prepared especially for it, you might consider having an open bar or a selection of cocktails, caipirinhas or mojitos so that your guests feel welcomed.

What to wear?

That all depends on what you have planned, but if the idea is a relaxed, casual afterparty, then don’t forget to tell your guests that they can change into something more informal. The newlyweds can wear their bridal dress and suit or change into something else that suits the afterparty. If you decide to go with another outfit, this will be an excellent opportunity to shine for the second time!