Ideas and styles for an elegant wedding

Ideas and styles for an elegant wedding

Autumn fantasy with petals

The autumn theme is always a rich theme, because the autumn’s colours are very cosy and rich. For a cosy wedding, this theme can perfectly be the chosen one. If your wedding is to be celebrated in the autumn, it becomes a lot easier to make this theme real. You have the most diversified elements of nature at your disposal, like leaves, tree branches and fruits that might help in the decoration, making the expenses with the party’s decoration a bit inferior. Therefore, colours like brown, yellow and red are the predominant colours in this theme. The most beautiful decorative elements might by achieved with the most simple ingredients. I advise the use of silky fabrics like organza, overlaid with brownish colours and pearl as a basis for the table decorations. This kind of fabric always gives a luxurious and cosy look to any environment. To decorate the tables I advise a centre of yellow roses, orange and light red roses. This centre can be complemented in an original way with season fruits, like apples, grapes, leaves, tree branches, moss, berries, etc. It’s all a matter of your personal taste, creativity and imagination. I advise the use of different sized candles to help creating a cosy and nice environment. Don’t forget that candles are never too many…


Blue Melancholy

This theme is very common in summer time because it transmits a sense of freshness, providing a dramatically calm aura. Several blue and white tones are abundantly used in all the elements. I advise you to use transparent glass plates, to create an ambience that is the most glacial possible. The main elements are glasses, white flowers and light blue satins. The table centres should be constituted by mixtures of floral motives made by several layers of white and blue flowers, hydrangeas are a lovely possibility and they are available during summer time, with their extremely harmonious white and lilac tons. This scenery must be complemented with little white candles and white and light blue satin ribbons, which might be placed on chairs, napkins, candles or even on the table itself. Don’t forget that the theme should always be applied to the whole wedding and not only in the decoration of the place were the party takes place. Don’t forget the wedding cake, the bride’s bouquet, the groom’s flower and the decoration of the place where the ceremony takes place.


Candles and roses romance

Two of the most fundamental romantic items are, definitely, candles and roses. Rose petals have always been the main actresses in a romantic stage, lighted by a tenuous candle light. Who doesn’t feel romantic in an ambience like this? This kind of theme is one of the most chosen for wedding ceremonies and parties. All right, so you don’t want a marriage like all the others? Choose candles with different shapes for tables, make a small candle cascade, since the highest to the sorter one, and complement them with tiny roses wrapped around them, all of this based on a bed of rose petals… can you imagine anything more sensual than this? The roses must be of a light pink tone to create a subtle environment, the fabrics must be translucent, preferably romantic transparent fabrics with discrete embroideries that remind old weddings. This theme might serve as a testimony of your romance.

Winter Textures

An ambience of richness and opulence can never exist without textures. This look is the ideal for a winter party. Gold and amber colours should always be lighted with the shine of the candles that surround these tones. Candles might be decorated with golden translucent filigree leaves and the table centres should be constituted by rich bouquets of an amalgam of hot coloured flowers like yellow, amber, pearl and orange. The fabrics must be heavy, amber coloured, or brownish, with golden rich textures, without forgetting the marking plates in golden tons, as well as the glasses made of a yellowish glass. Each guest should have a small miniature bouquet similar to the one in the centre, placed on his or her right side (below the glasses). This decoration makes the party richer and, at the same time, creates an extremely pleasant hot ambiance of intimacy. If you don’t wish to have a table centre with flowers, you can replace it by candle trios in geometric shapes, like squares, maintaining the small individual bouquets.


Chocolate Fantasy

Who doesn’t love chocolate? And why not pay it a tribute on your wedding day? You may offer all kinds of chocolates to your guests, served with champagne or white chocolate martinis. With a creative basis, use a golden chocolate box. From here, you can come up with several creative ideas…

Table centres do not have to be made of flowers, a creativity touch is always a successful recipe to make your guests compliment you for a different moment. Therefore, as a basis, you should choose golden satins overlaid by double individual tablecloths in reddish tones with golden textures. Between each double individual tablecloth place brownish cardboard boxes wrapped in golden slipknots and above them, instead of a bow, place a sumptuous white chocolate arrangement, decorated with heaps, berries, dry fruits, etc… leave it all to your imagination. Of course, you can not forget the coherence of the environment, for example, the bride’s cake must be a chocolate cake.

To highlight colour

Any place where you wish to highlight any object, flowers or even someone, the colour to have as a basis is always grey. Grey is a mixture of all colours, so any other colour will be enhanced when over it. If you wish to have colourful flower arrangements or any other colourful objects, or even distinguish the bride with her wedding dress at the place of the party, the ideal will be to have grey tones on the tables, because this colour is very similar to silver, and who doesn’t like a silvery tone? On the market, there are several grey fabrics, which are not monotonous at all. All you need is a little shine to create an ambience of refinement.