Keeping the fire burning

As time goes by, sex will only tend to get better. The bonds that unite the couple will surpass inhibitions; create a growing intimacy, and allow the couple to be as comfortable as possible with one another. This is true but with time problems associated with routine may appear and it will require willpower from both of you to fight them and to maintain your sexual ecstasy.

Be always honest with each other and say what you like, what you don't like and what you would like to try.
Spend some time exploring each other and tell what turns you on and what doesn't. Sex may not be desirable because of several factors, such as fatigue or routine, but pay attention…! If these symptoms become too frequent, try to communicate and identify the problem for the sooner you detect it, more chances will you have of solving it. Never leave pending problems unsolved or problems to deal with later. Think about your priorities. They should focus in both of you, as a couple - all the rest is secondary.

A basic premise for a successful marriage is the confidence you have in yourselves as a couple and also how you use it to communicate with each other. Listen to each other; don't want to be the only one talking: stop to listen. Sometimes knowing how to listen is more important than speaking, and this will create a basic intimacy for all the rest to work.

If there is a relationship of trust and intimacy what else do you need? Besides great doses of love, you'll need the surprise factor. This aspect is the most exquisite ingredient for a successful sexual life. How can you put it into practice? With imagination! Make sure you never lack it! Here are some examples:
Find a new place to make love, even another place in the house, a hotel... well, I'll leave that to your imagination. Go to a sex-shop together and find new things you would both like to try.

For the woman: wear something elegant together with sexy lingerie and set a romantic dinner for which you prepared some exotic dish with aphrodisiac elements, such as chocolate and a good wine… End with a massage with special oil.

For the man: buy a book of romantic poetry, go to bed and read to her the sexiest poem you can find and one that makes her blush. The mind is a powerful aphrodisiac…