Organize yourselves with time

Organize yourselves with time, for everything to go well it takes planning and method. Therefore, I suggest a Calendar and a Check-list to help you and make your job easier. Make it together and split tasks, you’ll see that everything goes as planned…

  1. Six to twelve months before the wedding:
  • Decide the type of wedding you wish to have: legal, religious, formal, semi-formal or informal (casual).
  • Set a date or try to set a time and confirm if the place is available.
  • Determine the budget you dispose of.
  • Look for places and book the place.
  • Book the officer for the ceremony.
  • Decide how many guests you will invite and start developing that list.
  • If you choose to have a Catholic wedding, inform yourselves at the parish where you wish to celebrate your marriage when and where the Preparatory Course for Matrimony will take place.
  • Look for wedding suppliers like flower shops, photographers and camera men, catering, bride’s cakes and musical group.
  • Invite your bridesmaids and other guests of honour that you intend to help you at the wedding and inform them of the important dates.
  • Interview photographers and camera men.
  • When you have determined the date, time of the day, localization, style and level of formality of your wedding, buy the wedding dress, the groom’s suit, shoes and accessories.


  1. Three to six months before the wedding:
  • Three months before the wedding you should go the Registry Office to start you wedding process.
  • Decide what you wish to have as wedding gifts and make your wedding lists on the shops you intend to.
  • Start planning your honeymoon. Popular destinations during high season might have to be booked with three to six months beforehand.
  • Schedule an appointment, run some blood tests and physical examinations that you consider relevant. Don’t forget to check if you need any specific vaccines necessary for the place where you will be spending your honeymoon (for example, the African continent).
  • Buy your wedding rings, giving the necessary time to have them engraved, if you wish to.
  • Finish the wedding list.
  • Deliver the invitations for printing or have them hand made, if you wish to do so.
  • Make your final choice in what concerns the wedding suppliers, and sign the contracts. Note that the wedding suppliers are very busy in certain times of the year and some of them must be booked a year beforehand.
  • Plan your wedding rehearsal and make all the arrangements with the ceremony officer.
  • Book hotel rooms if you have guests that come from out of town.
  • Book the accommodation for your wedding night, if it is different from the honeymoon.
  • Book the transport for the bride and groom and, if necessary, for the guests.
  •  Discuss and decide the duties of the guests of honour.
  • Buy your travelling, hotel and transportation tickets for the honeymoon.


  1. Two to three months before the wedding
  • Send your wedding invitations.
  • Send the invitations for the rehearsal dinner, if you wish to send them separately.
  • Finish up all the suppliers’ details, flower shops, catering, photographer, wedding cake and musical group.
  • Finish up the ceremony details with the wedding officer.
  • Finish up the details for the wedding rehearsal dinner, if you wish to have one.
  • Schedule some professional massages to begin your wedding day.
  • Schedule a hairdresser, manicure and pedicure for your wedding morning.
  • Buy the gifts to offer on your wedding day.
  1. Four to six weeks before the wedding
  • Start writing your thanking notes to send respecting the received wedding gifts.
  • Compose, draw and print the ceremony’s programme, if necessary.
  • Confirm all the contracts with the suppliers that will provide your wedding.
  • Make the last fittings of the bride’s wedding dress and the groom’s suit, as well as for the bridesmaid’s dresses.
  • Taste all the dishes you have on the reception’s menu and ask for an example of the flower centres to the florist.
  • Make the necessary changes on your bank accounts, if you wish to, on your insurances and legal documents.
  • Prepare the wedding announcements for the newspapers or magazines, if you wish to.
  • Select the gifts that you will exchange between the two of you on your wedding day.
  • Confirm the ceremony rehearsal with the officer, as well as the wedding party.


  1. Two weeks before the wedding
  • Re-check all the wedding arrangements.
  • Call the guests that still haven’t answered your wedding invitation to know if they intend to go to the wedding or not.
  • Plan and finish up the plan to sit down your guests during the reception and during the ceremony.
  • Have a hair cut.
  • Have a facial treatment.
  • Have your teeth cleaned and go to a dentist’s appointment.
  • The bride should visit the beauty salon for a makeup and hairdo rehearsal and also try the veil or some ornaments that you might use in your hair, along with the hairdo. You should see the hairdo and the makeup with the same light that you will have during the wedding ceremony and reception. You should take a picture to use as a reference for the hairdresser and the makeup artist to use on your wedding day. Also make an estimation of the time necessary for the makeup and the hairdo in order to schedule your wedding morning.
  • Go get your wedding licence.
  • Go get your rings or wedding rings at the jeweller’s.
  • Re-check all the arrangements for the honeymoon.


  1. During the week before the wedding
  • Tell the final number of guests to the catering and to the place of the reception.
  • Pack for the honeymoon.
  • Gather and prepare all the elements of your outfits.
  • On the day before the wedding, have a pedicure and manicure service.
  • Make sure that you or your parents have all the gifts ready for the guests and the cheques ready for the payments you will have to do on your wedding day.
  • If you have planned a rehearsal dinner, have it before the wedding day.
  • Have the rehearsal of the wedding ceremony.
  • Go to bed early on the day before the wedding!


  1. The wedding day
  • Have a relaxing massage.
  • Have your hairdos and makeup done.
  • Dress all the different outfits, like the wedding dress and the tuxedo.
  • Arrive to the place of the ceremony on time!
  • Focus on enjoying the day and nothing else; after all, it’s your day!
  1. After the wedding
  • During the honeymoon, write to your parents and thank them. A bouquet delivered at your parent’s would be the ideal gesture.
  • Start writing the thanking cards for your guests.