Spring Wedding

Spring Wedding

Besides being one of the most popular times of the year to celebrate a wedding, Spring is definitely one of the most romantic times of the year as well. The season in itself can be used as a very romantic theme for the wedding. If the sun is shining and the flowers are blooming on your wedding day, than there is nothing more romantic than that.

This is the best time of the year to pay homage to flowers! Use floral fabrics and don’t be shy about using color. Create atmospheres in shades of pink, lilac, blue, green or yellow. Go crazy with fun prints and soft colors. As one of the most important rules for a Spring wedding, stay away from dark colors and heavy fabrics.

Instead of the traditional rice, prepare baskets full of small flowers that guests may shower you with at the end of the ceremony. The theme “an English garden” is a very appropriate one for a Spring wedding. If the weather permits, open nature’s doors and have your wedding in a garden in full bloom.

Wedding invitations

All types of floral prints may also be present on the wedding invitations – you can have a magnolia printed on each invitation, for example. Use your imagination and don’t limit it to floral prints either – create invitations with stripes or polka dots.


This is the best time of the year for flowers, but more than that, as well – mix flowers with seasonal fruit. Tulips are abundant this time of year so why not fill glass vases with tulips for your floral decoration – it is definitely one of the most elegant decorations a wedding can have. Go for anemones and add a touch of romance and softness. Mix vibrant colored flowers with aromatic herbs, such as thyme or rosemary and fill your wedding with perfumed bouquets. Need an idea for the bride’s bouquet? Go for fuchsia pink anemones, simply original…


Serve an original welcome cocktail to your guests by placing strawberries at the bottom of flute glasses and fill them with champagne. Have the waiters simultaneously serve platters of fresh strawberries. Celebrate your wedding with the best that Spring has to offer: serve the main course with fresh vegetables such as baby carrots, asparagus or green peas.

Wedding cake

A fruit filled wedding cake, covered in crystallized fruit will be a sure success. Miniature cupcakes, covered with pink cream fondant and topped off with wild berries is another great option.

Wedding favors

Be inspired by Easter and fill numerous glass vases with multi-colored almonds of different fillings; place paper cones adorned with your initials around the vases and let your guests fill up on their favorite Easter almonds. Present your guests with a flowered pot such as daffodils; in alternative you can always give them a packet of seeds in a lovely pot, with instructions and a note which reads: “Thanks for contributing to the growth of our love”. If the wedding is held in a garden, a great favor for guests is potted aromatic plants or herbs. On the other hand, why not present guests with a book of love poetry, seeing as in the Spring, love is definitely in the air…