Summer wedding

During the summer, the wonderful weather assures that you will be celebrating your wedding under blue skies, refreshing cocktails and overall good spirits. If you’ve always dreamt of a wedding by the sea, a beach inspired party or a wedding where all the guests are dressed in white, thus creating a very relaxed atmosphere, than a summer wedding is definitely something you should consider.  There are many ideas, inspirations and suggestions for organizing a beautiful summer wedding.  Take advantage of them!

Wedding decoration

The decoration for a summer wedding should be cool and fresh, based on transparencies and natural elements. If you’d like a beach or tropical resort theme for your wedding, than bamboo chairs, bamboos, green foliage and the colors green, beige and brown are all great options. Two colors that work wonderfully in a summer decoration are coral blue and red on a white base. Coral blue with red elements will give the place a sense of freshness, which is simultaneously upbeat and chic. Go for coral blue tablecloths and smaller details in red or white. The names for the reception tables can be based on the world’s most famous tropical beaches, on delicious tropical cocktails (don’t forget to include the recipe!), on the names of typical summer fruit or even the latin names of insects – all of which are common themes for this season.

Flowers for a summer wedding

In the summer, the combination of flowers and fruit is beautiful, such as limes and white peonies. Choosing centerpieces decorated exclusively with fruit is also a very fresh and summer appropriate idea. Using large tropical foliage to decorate the reception tables may also work very well. The bride’s wedding bouquet, as well as the corsages or bouquets carried by the bridesmaids, maids of honor, mothers of the bride and groom, as well as flower girls, should be created with flowers that are resilient enough to withstand the summer heat.

The wedding invitations

Add a very cool element to your wedding invitations by having them printed in the color blue. If appropriate for your wedding theme, design a seashell with the bride and groom’s initials at the top of the wedding invitation. Add a decorative touch to the wedding invitation by attaching a silk ribbon to it, in fresh colors that are a reminder of summer, such as green or blue.

Wedding menu and wedding cake

Deliciously colored tropical cocktails and fresh lemonade are two musts for a summer wedding. During the reception’s cocktail, welcome guests with light and fresh options such as fish canapés decorated with edible flowers or small spoons filled with mini-salads. For dessert, serve fresh strawberries topped with vanilla cream, little baskets of cherries, cupcakes decorated with wild berries or coffee sorbet.

Wedding favors for a summer wedding

There is no better wedding favor for a summer wedding than small chinese parasols so guests may shield themselves from the sun and heat, especially if the ceremony is held outdoors. If you’re going to have your wedding on the beach, present your guests with flip-flops with the bride and groom’s initials on them. Another great summer wedding favor are baskets of organic cherries which besides being a very tasty favor, are also a great way to decorate the wedding reception.

Bride’s wedding dress and groom’s wedding suit

For a summer wedding, fabrics must be cool and comfortable. Silk wedding dresses are ideal for summer weddings, as long as they are not held by the sea. Dresses with simple cuts and silhouettes are best, especially because the bride will be wearing the dress the entire day and it may be very hot. For the groom, his suit should include a large percentage of linen or cotton in order for it to be a breezy and refreshing suit. The groom should always choose a summer appropriate suit.