The perfect wedding dress

One of the most remarkable moments before the wedding day is the choice of the bride’s dress. It is extremely important not to buy some dress in a hurry because it might have to be replaced by another one later one!

Don’t buy a dress just because your mother, fiancé or friend loves it, choose a dress that you love and that is as beautiful as comfortable.

You should go to, at least, four different shops so that your choice is sufficiently diversified.

Even if you think that certain dresses’ colours, shapes or designs might not have anything to do with your personality, or if you think they are not adequate to the tone of your skin, you should try them on! Dresses in a coat hanger or in your hand look very different than they do in your body, really!

Ask yourself some questions about the adequate dress for your kind of ceremony and reception. Which is the formality level of your wedding, in what season is it going to happen, at what time of the day and where is it going to take place? Will it be in the open air or in a closed space?

Make sure the fabric is adequate to the season, for example silk can be damaged in moist environments.

By the time you choose your wedding dress, you must pay attention to the fact that you will be wearing it for a whole day. So, you should really try it on: stand up, raise your arms, make it spin… these are all gestures that you will certainly do on your wedding day.

Don’t buy a smaller dress intending to loose some weight to fit on it. You will feel better in a dress that fits you good.

Choose a dress according to your silhouette. Dresses cut in A shape, or princess style (instead of having the waist above the hips, have it bellow the arms) fit best women who are a bit more chubby.

The secret for choosing an ideal dress for your body type is to choose a dress that helps people look away from the problematical areas, like very broad hips, very big busts, short legs, etc. For example: a bow at the end of your back will not disguise a big bottom, it will, on the contrary, attract the attention to it. A dress with no neckline, very close to the bride’s neck, or a very wavy one will make a big bust look even bigger.

If you want to emphasize your curves, choose fabrics that are malleable and not very stiff, that stick to the body. If you wish to mould or disguise your curves, choose stiff and little malleable fabrics.

For a “pear like” silhouette (part of the hips and legs bigger that the body) dresses cut in a column or very tightened should not be an option. Choose princess like dresses cut in A shape, they tend to shrink your hips!

To elongate your trunk or to diminish a broad waist, choose a dress with a bodice with a V silhouette, this will take away all the attention from your waist and also elongate your trunk.

Simple types, without many trimmings, fit shorter women best.

Combine your veil with your dress. Dresses in column with no sleeves and tightened dresses match long cathedral veils. Wide dresses and ballerina like dresses match short veils or veils up to the waist. Basically, the more elaborate and ornamented the dress is, the simpler the veil should be.

Consider the colour type that best suits you, check to see if the tone of your skin matches the colour of your dress. Don’t forget that the light at the shop is not the same that there will be on your wedding day.

Meet a bride’s dresses seamstress to find out which cut fits you best.

Don’t focus only on the dress, there are certain accessories you should not forget, such as: the gloves, the veil, the bouquet, the jewellery and the hair ornaments. You must think about all this accessories along with the dress, so that you won’t get an extremely exaggerated mixture! Choose everything in consonance.

Never let yourself be pressured by the person who is selling the dress, any dress takes a maximum of two months to be made. If that person tells you that it might be sold meanwhile, don’t worry about it. Buy it some time before and don’t give in to pressures.

A bride’s dress doesn’t always have to be a “bride’s dress”. A light coloured cocktail dress, along with a bouquet and a veil in an example of an excellent choice. Another alternative is to ask your mother for her wedding dress and adapt it to your style.

In what concerns shoes, you should not buy very high heeled shoes and you should wear them at home for a few weeks before your wedding day. You might even consider buying two pairs, one of them of your size and the other one with a slightly bigger size, for when you feel really tired.