The wedding cake

Who doesn’t remember having seen an ostentatious and tasty wedding cake, which symbolizes a happiness testimony? It is, for certain, the most important moment of the reception.

As one of the reception’s protagonists, it is advisable to give it the due attention, for example not placing the cake near a window, because the pictures would not come out well with the reflection on the glass.

Nowadays, there are several styles of wedding cakes, it all depends on the style of your wedding, whether formal or informal. But, as everything else, the cake should be in accordance with your style, the wedding and the party. At a formal wedding, after the hors d’oeuvres, and a three dishes’ meal, usually the guests are not willing to have desserts and even eating the cake. In that case, seize the opportunity and save some money serving the cake for dessert. A wedding cake might have the shape or taste you desire, for example: carrot, lemon, chocolate… and it might also be a typical French cake, a charming cascade of profiteroles…   

A wedding cake might also be presented as a set of individual miniatures (like muffins) placed on an elaborated tower, in such a quantity that is enough for all guests. This option is attractively interesting in terms of its visual aspect. You may choose to decorate the cake not only with flowers and use something different, like wild berries or a mixture of several things.