Wedding traditions and superstitions

Wedding rings

Wedding superstitions are almost as old as marriage itself, starting with the tradition that the bride cannot be seen by the groom before the wedding. Whether you want to follow them or smile because of them, the truth is that wedding superstitions do exist…




  • A woman should not marry a man whose last name starts with the same letter as her last name.
  • A woman should only ask a man to marry her during leap years, otherwise she risks a marriage that will not work out.
  • The bride should not take off her engagement ring until the wedding day, otherwise it is bad luck.
  • Engagement and wedding rings should be worn on the fourth finger of the left hand because that finger contains a vein that leads directly to the heart. 

Wedding day

  • The bride should not see an open grave on her wedding day.
  • If the bride cries on her wedding day, it’s a good sign – a sign that those will be the last tears she will shed during her entire marriage.
  • If the groom drops the wedding ring during the ceremony, the marriage will be blessed with good luck.
  • The vows should not be said after the hours of the day start rewinding, namely after 6 p.m.
  • Saturday is the least happiest day to have a wedding.
  • The groom should arrive at the church before the bride and should enter it with his right foot first.
  • The flower girl announces the arrival of the bride with flowers as a symbol of fertility.
  • If a younger sister gets married before her older sister, the older sister must dance barefoot at her younger sister’s wedding or she will never find a husband.
  • It is good luck to get married on the day of the week on which the groom was born and even on his birthday.

Wedding attire

  • A bride should not make or even help make her own wedding dress.
  • Borrowing a wedding dress means good luck to who is borrowing and bad luck to who is lending.
  • The bridesmaids’ role is to confuse the evil spirits, so that they don’t know who the bride is.
  • Wearing pearls on a wedding day means tears of sadness will be shed for each pearl.
  • The wedding veil protects the bride from evil spirits.
  • If the bride rips her wedding dress during the wedding day, it means her marriage will end with a death.
  • It is considered good luck if a bride finds a spider on her wedding dress on the day of the wedding.  

Wedding cake

  • The bride and groom cut the first slice of cake together so as to assure a lifetime of sharing.
  • The single women who attend the wedding should take a slice of wedding cake home and place it under their pillow so as to dream with the man they will marry.

After the wedding

  • The first person to fall asleep on the wedding night will be the first to die.
  • After the wedding and when entering her new home for the first time, the bride must not trip or fall, in order to assure a problem-free marriage. That is why it is tradition that the groom carry the bride over the threshold of the door of their new home after the wedding.
  • Throwing rice, flowers or confetti at the bride and groom is a symbol of fertility.