What not to do

Sometimes, more important than what you should do is what you should not do. There are some conduct rules that sometimes are thought to have no reason to exist, but the truth is that they demonstrate some respect towards others and, above all, they help creating some harmony and pleasure in socializing.


If you show up at some party with an inappropriate outfit, do not decide to make a problem out of it. Act nicely, friendly and very polite. No one will care about the fact that you are not properly dressed (unless you show off, just like in the Bridget Jones’ film, where she shows up at a wedding dressed as a bunny), and believe that people will remember you as a nice, funny and polite person and not as the person who “showed up with an appropriate outfit”.

Remember that an appropriate outfit, just like an attitude of misbehaviour or a lack of education, is not enough to create a good image of you! Because what remains in people’s memories for a long term are the attitudes and not the looks! For example, you will only choose to have as your friend someone who treats you with respect and not someone who is impolite or even inconvenient, right? As I have mentioned before, the rules of education say that most important than knowing what to do is “knowing what not to do”, so don’t be impolite, conceited, arrogant, a show-off, because knowing how to listen also shows some good education. Always have in mind other people’s feelings when you express your opinions and avoid starting very polemic subjects. Have you imagined how unpleasant it would be for you to ruin someone’s wedding or party with loud arguments in the middle of the room with someone who doesn’t share your opinion?

As for the bride, it is very important for this day to be your day, but by this I do not mean that you have the right to disrespect your guests or your suppliers. Don’t be late for the wedding (well… ten to fifteen minutes, it’s ok)… more than that, although people think that is typical for the bride, is not appropriate! The reception is scheduled for X o’clock and, if you are late, everything will be late, from guests to suppliers, uncomfortable waiting moments.