Who invites who, and how to do it

Traditionally, the bride’s parents are the ones who make the invitation, but you can also do it, or even the groom’s father. The purpose of the invitation is not, unlike what most people think, to know who is paying for the wedding. Even if the bride pays for the wedding, the invitation should be made in the name of the bride and groom or both your parents. If you are the ones inviting, the bride’s name always comes first.

When the wedding takes place at home, it usually contains the words “we require the honour of your presence”, when it takes place anywhere else, usually the invitation will present the phrase “we require the pleasure of your company”.

For divorced parents there are rules like: each parent’s name in different lines on the invitation, without “and” or “with” between the name of the parents, although if there is any special bond between one of you and the current husband or wife, the name of that person can be added to the invitation.

Tip: It is no longer in use to hand the invitation personally, so, enjoy that time to be with each other instead of running around from guest to guest delivering the invitations.