Winter wedding

Winter wedding

If your idea of a wonderful day is a cabin in the Alps, relaxing in front of a roaring fire with a cup of hot chocolate in hand, then maybe a Winter wedding is exactly how you should tie the knot.

Winter wedding decoration

At this time of the year, it’s inevitable that any type of decoration be associated to Christmas. However, try not to go overboard, but use some of the holiday season’s best details: use pine tree branches or group together various small potted pine trees and spray them white for a festive and elegant look. Illuminate the reception with crystals – during the Winter months, days are dark, cold and a little melancholy, so let there be light! Suspend inviting lanterns from the roof of the reception venue or choose a place that has a large fireplace, surrounded by sofas and comfortable chairs: your guests will love this cozy decor. In terms of textiles, go for velvets, in shades of lilac and brown – two colors that are always elegant and holiday season appropriate. An alternative color palette for a Winter wedding is white and gold, for a touch of glamour.

Invitations & Cards

Create your invitations for a Winter wedding according to the season: if you’re going to get married close to Christmas or on New Year’s Eve, the invitations should reflect these festivities. Some ideas include: placing the invitations in cloth bags that portray comfort and warmth, so appropriate for Winter; creating invitations with borders in velvet or another cold weather textile and add that design to the table cards, place cards, seating chart, maps, menus… Instead of creating a seating chart, use small bags filled with tea and a tag to add guests’ names and place them on a table at the entrance, in alphabetical order.

Floral decoration

For a Winter wedding, or any wedding for that matter, always choose seasonal flowers. In the colder months, go for gardenias, lily of the valley, buttercups, daisies, poinsettia, mistletoe and pine tree. Decorate the ceremony and reception venues with clusters of white baby orchids that will create an atmosphere of pure snowflakes. Add sparkle to the wedding bouquet with small crystals or mix white feathers with white baby roses.

The menu

A Winter wedding menu should be warm, inviting, spicy and seasoned: start with a hot Moroccan soup, complement the meat dish with pumpkin and cream puree. At the end of the night, serve small cups of Irish coffee or hot chocolate and warm shortbread cookies.

The wedding cake

A rich chocolate wedding cake with a wild berry filling and whipped cream topping will be a sure surprise. Decorate the Winter wedding cake with cream and white chocolate snowflakes for a snow-covered mountain look.

Wedding favors

Small cookie-filled boxes with the bride and groom’s initials are a very sophisticated wedding favor. Miniature bottles of chocolate liquor, together with a pair of decadent chocolate truffles are another great Winter wedding favor. If your Winter wedding is going to take place on New Year’s Eve, a small bottle of champagne is definitely a perfect wedding favor. Warm and colorful scarves (match them to the wedding’s color palette) with a lovely thank you note is always useful and much appreciated.