Yes, now that we have said yes

And now, what? After a fabulous party, the best of your lives until today – yes, until today because I think it would be bad if this day was the best, like I sometimes notice some brides saying that this has to be the best day of your lives. My sweethearts, this is for you: this is only one of the best days of your lives… there will come many more days, different, yes, but happy and pleasant in their way.

Therefore, now that you have a bunch of gifts, a life to start as a couple, a place to live, what will you do with all of this?

Unpack your thinks and let them get dusty? Of course not! Stop for a while and think as a couple, that you are, about how you would like your life to be. I’m sure your life is full of family and friends, don’t forget to include them on it. So, what will you do on Saturday nights? Stay in the sofa watching TV? Doesn’t sound like a good idea, unless it is an exception… Create a circle of friends or relatives to socialise with on Saturday nights, or in some other days that fit you and them. You have certainly thought about the life style you wish to have when you made your wedding list… so? Get to business! Start inviting people for a lovely dinner or a nice Saturday afternoon tea. Of course you won’t start by inviting many people at the time, having to cook all day long, turning a simple dinner into a nightmare, not even by serving a dinner with several dishes.

A dinner doesn’t have to be an elaborate and difficult think to do, to make an impression. Remember that the both of you might learn together how to cook new recipes and give to your friends so that they can taste them. They will certainly understand that it has been made with love and will not mind if it is not so good. Enjoy sharing moments like these so that your life can be a pleasant experience full of new things.

To receive people over, start in an easy way, with simple recipes and less elaborate ingredients. Don’t start by cooking artichokes when you don’t have a clue of to prepare them. I have spent many pleasant moments with my friends with simple dishes, like some pasta, a salad and a good wine, with fruit for dessert. Yes, it looks simple and is simple! There are several books with easy and quick recipes that will work out very well.


Prepare your place with a pleasant environment, with candles and a nice table, and if you can, place a bunch of fresh flowers with rosemary at the entrance. It is always enjoyable and nice to walk into a home with a scent of fresh flowers and fragrant herbs. The goal of receiving guests over at your place is not to impress them… it’s to spend pleasant, funny and essentially relaxing moments.