Make-up tips

I'm getting married in August and wanted some tips for make-up. It's going to be an outdoor wedding so I need my make-up to stay on in the heat and need it to be long lasting. If any one could recommend some good tips or even some products that last longer that would be great!


Jane C.

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Consider having your makeup done professionally.
If you decide to do it yourself, have a free professional makeover before the wedding and ask for detailed instructions on how to achieve your desired look.
Pluck your eyebrows or have them waxed the day before your wedding. If you or a makeup artist play with them the morning of the wedding, they might appear red or blotchy in your pictures.
Consider a lipstick that has staying power. All those kisses and sips of Champagne will leave you little time to reapply.
Opt for a foundation that contains sunscreen if you plan to have an outdoor wedding.

Good luck!