Wedding Themes & Ideas

What have you chosen to be your theme and what's the inspiration behind it?

Wedding Desserts? Can you help me?

I'm having a cake and I'm deciding if I should serve anything else as a dessert along with the cake.
I'll make a round table and have the cake as the center pieces and have trays of fruit, chocolate covered strawberries and raspberries. Also little bites of caramel covered apples and cookies.
Since the wedding is in the morning and the reception at night, there will be a wedding lunch and I'll serve fruit kabobs... so is that a good idea to make the chocolate and caramel covered fruit at the reception? Or is that to much fruit for one day?

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Make-up tips

I'm getting married in August and wanted some tips for make-up. It's going to be an outdoor wedding so I need my make-up to stay on in the heat and need it to be long lasting. If any one could recommend some good tips or even some products that last longer that would be great!


Jane C.

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